Auckland Plumbing Services: Your Guide to Choosing the Right One

Auckland Plumbing Services: Your Guide to Choosing the Right One

Seldom, do we select a service provider for no apparent reason! Whether you’re seeking a new hairdresser, personal trainer or doctor, there’s generally a reason why you choose them over another provider, right? The same applies to trade services, including Auckland plumbing services.

If you’re looking for a Auckland plumbing service, chances are you’re renovating, building, or have a plumbing emergency such as a blocked drain, a water or gas leak or burst pipe on your hands. And, if you’re reading this article, then chances are you’ve had a bad experience with Auckland plumbing services in the past. If you have, we’re sorry to hear that, and we would love to show you that there are excellent plumbing services in Auckland; iSpecialise is one of them.

There are some simple tips you can take on board as a guide to choosing the right plumbing service to ensure your next experience with a plumber is a positive one. Continue reading to discover what you need to consider when choosing a Auckland plumbing service.

Seek recommendations on Facebook

Nothing speaks louder than a personal recommendation from a friend or relative. Facebook’s recommendation feature provides the perfect platform for finding Auckland plumbing services. Simply post a message on Facebook asking for recommendations and Facebook will automatically recognise it as a recommendation request and treat it as such. You will be surprised by how many responses you get.

As the recommendations are coming from people you trust, you can rest assured you will receive recommendations for reputable and reliable plumbing services.

Compare Auckland Plumbing Services

You can either take the recommendations you receive or find a few additional Auckland plumbing services from doing a simple Google search. Once you have four or five, it’s then a good idea to narrow down the selection by comparing the plumbing services provided by each.

You will find some Auckland plumbing services only offer plumbing services, which is fine if you think you will never have drainage or gas problems. Other Auckland plumbing services are licenced to perform plumbing and draining services. Then there are others, like us, iSpecialise, who are licenced to perform plumbing, draining and gas fitting services. If you have gas in your home, then choosing a plumbing service that provides all three services is the best choice.

Any plumbing work should only be carried out by licenced Auckland plumbing service; it’s not only smart practice, but it’s also the law.

Look beyond the plumbing services provided

Beyond the actual services provided, you want to look into the company itself. What you find – or what you don’t find – maybe most revealing of all. While a recommendation is great, you want to choose a Auckland plumbing service that has a proven track record of consistently providing high-level service. For this, you need to jump back onto Facebook and look up each plumbing service to see their rating and to read customer reviews. If a plumbing company has reviews disabled, you have to ask yourself why? It is either because they have no reviews or are hiding bad reviews. Jump onto Google also and search their name to see their Google My Business rating and reviews.

By looking up rating and reviews of Auckland plumbing services, you will get an idea not only of their workmanship, but of their customer service, professions, and affordability. All the factors that matter the most when choosing a new service provider.


Like choosing any service provider, thought should be taken when choosing Auckland plumbing services. To ensure you select the right service and avoid being let down or ripped off, I suggest you start by start by asking for recommendations on Facebook. You can then narrow down the list by comparing the plumbing services provided, and by looking at their online ratings and reading customer reviews.

If you follow this simple but practical guide, I guarantee you will end up with a competent, trustworthy, and affordable Auckland plumbing service, like us here at iSpecialise. Or, you can save yourself the time and effort by simply giving us a call.  We service the entire Auckland region, so wherever you’re located, know we can help!

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