Benefits of Connecting your Home to Gas

Benefits of Connecting your Home to Gas

Are you about to embark on a complete home renovation or new home build? If you are, one of the many considerations you need to make is whether or not to connect your home to gas.

Gas is an alternative option to electricity, and in Auckland, it is a commonly preferred choice for cooking and heating. Gas cooktops and gas ovens offer many benefits over their electrical counterparts as to gas water heaters.

At iSpecialise, we specialise in not only plumbing installations but gas installations also. We are highly experienced in connecting new and existing homes to gas and would like to share the benefits gas offers so you can make the right choice for your new home. So continue reading to discover the benefits of connecting your home to gas.

Natural Gas Vs LPG Gas

Before we look at the benefits of gas, let’s take a look at the types of gas available: Natural Gas and LPG Gas. Natural gas is methane, while LPG is isobutane, propane, butane, or a mix of the three. Natural gas is supplied from a pipeline while LPG comes from via gas bottles.

In terms of installation costs, Natural Gas is the more costly option. It can be costly which is why so many homes (and appliances) run off LPG, which only requires a regulator, a changeover valve, and the pipework.

It’s important to decide which type of gas you prefer to use as this will determine the type of appliance also.

Gas for the Environment

Connecting your home to gas doesn’t only benefit you, the homeowner. It also benefits the environment. Electricity produces three times the emission of natural gas. Moreover, gas heaters produce a much as 80% fewer gas emissions than electric heaters.

Gas for Affordability

Gas for Affordability

If you’re looking to create a cost-effective home, then connecting your home to gas will have you achieve this. Gas is much cheaper than electricity. You need only look at this comparison chart from to see the running cost differences.

As you can see from the table above, the running costs are cheaper for gas cooktops, heaters, clothes dryers, and hot water systems. In fact, case studies have shown the total cost of LPG for cooking to be as much as half the cost of Natural Gas.

Gas for Longevity

If you’re looking for value for money and appliances that will last the test of time, then gas is the way to go. Gas appliances, particularly gas ovens and cooktops are manufactured with fewer parts, and therefore, have less chance of failing or needing maintenance.

Gas for Quicker Heating

If you’re looking for heat fast, then consider connecting your home to gas. Gas delivers heat much quicker than electricity, which is why gas ovens are the preferred choice for chefs. Unlike electricity, which has to build up the temperature, gas reaches maximum heat as soon as the burners are switched on.

Gas hot water systems may be more expensive to purchase and install initially, but they deliver instant hot water on demand, and you will never run out and have to wait for the water to heat again.


Gas, compared to electricity is cheaper to run, better for the environment, produces heat quicker, and gas appliances offer better longevity.  Gas may initially be more expensive to install, but it is well worth it for the longterm savings it provides.

If you’d like to install Natural Gas or install LPG gas appliances to your new home or renovation, contact iSpecialise. We service the entire Auckland and can provide you with a fixed quote for gas installations.  We are one of the few plumbing companies in Auckland that are licenced to conduct plumbing and gas work and welcome you to contact us for a no-obligation quote.

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