Blocked Drains Auckland | High Pressure Jetter

Blocked Drains Auckland | High Pressure Jetter

High Pressure Water Jetter

Read about our high pressure water jetter, clearing the toughest of blockages 

High Pressure Water Jetter

iSpecialise have invested in a high-pressure water jetter, that supplies a pressure of 5000 PSI to clear the toughest blockages. The Ridgid KJ5000 is the latest model in drain clearing equipment that competitors cannot compete with. This machine will destroy tree roots and clear drains free from any grease or debris, the power of this is unbelievable, delivering 23L per minute at a working pressure of 5075 PSI.

High Pressure Jetter Nozzles

The KJ5000 comes with 3 different nozzles. 

1. The penetrator, this nozzle is great for loosening up a big mass of roots, send the penetrator down first to make way for the big root cutter.

2. The negotiator, this is great for tight radius bends, negotiating its way through to find its target!

3- The root cutter, the root cutter shoots 5000Psi backwards! With a ramming head you send it full steam ahead into the roots, the backwards propelled jet then absolutely destroys them! Shredding them into small strands that can be easily washed away 

kj5000 water tank
ridgid kj5000
high pressure water jetter 5
penetrator nozzle

High Pressure Jetter Training

All of our plumbers at iSpecialise have had extensive training directly from Ridgid, so we are able to clear your blockages as quickly as possibly saving time and money.

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