Common Causes of Leaking Taps

Common Causes of Leaking Taps

For many, a leaking tap is nothing to worry about. It may be a little annoying to hear the continuous ‘drip, drip, drip’, but it’s easy to put up with than calling a plumber to have it fixed.

While this may be the case, there’s a lot to worry about with a leaking tap. For one, you’re wasting about 30 litres of water per day! That’s 10950 litres of water wasted per year – and a massive waster bill increase; all from one leaky tap. So, while you may think a leaking tap is nothing to worry about, the bill it causes may just be!

Fixing leaking taps in Auckland is an everyday occurrence for us here at iSpecialise. We are equipped to fix the leak or, completely replace the tap with a new water-efficient one.

Various elements in a tap can fail to cause it to leak, which we’ll look at today. I guarantee you, your leaking tap is due to one of these issues, and I guarantee you, we can fix it.

A damaged valve seat

When a tap is leaking from the spout, a common cause is often a problem with the valve seat. A Valve seat is what the washer closes onto when the tap is closed. Unfortunately, they are easily damaged, and when damaged, an effective seal cannot be formed, and a tap begins to drip.

Worn-out seal

A worn-out seal is a common cause of leaking taps in Auckland! We see this time and time again. Thankfully, it’s very easy to fix. You can replace the seal yourself, or you can have one of our friendly Auckland plumbers come and attend to your leak, replace the seal and give your tap a good service whilst they’re there.

A damaged cartridge

There are many types of taps, cartridge taps being one of the more common. The cartridge is what regulates the temperature and flow of water to the tap, and therefore, is an essential element. Like a valve seat, they too can be damaged and wear over time, which causes leaking taps.

In the event of a damaged cartridge, the cartridge will need to be replaced, which is best done by a professional Auckland plumber, such as the team at iSpecialise.

Worn-out washers / O-Ring

The most common cause of leaking taps in Auckland goes to worn-out washers, or O-Rings as they are otherwise called. A washer is what keeps a taps seal airtight, so when they break the seal is broken and the tap begins to leak. You can easily replace these yourself, or you can call a plumber to do it for you.

Pipe issues

It isn’t always the tap that is causing the leak. It can be an issue with your pipes or plumbing fixtures. Continued use over prolonged periods can lead to cracks, corrosion, and damage. This damage can cause the water pressure to fluctuate, which can lead a tap to drip.

If you suspect the leak is coming from your plumbing, give iSpecialise a call.

Excessive water pressure

As with fluctuating water pressure, excessive water pressure can also cause a tap to leak. When the pressure is too high, water is unable to effectively flow, which causes the pipes to become backed up with water. This backup needs an outlet, which is often a tap. Hence, the tap starts to leak.

In the case of a leaking tap due to excessive water pressure, you will need to call a local Auckland plumber, such as iSpecialise to have your water pressure checked.


While a leaking tap may not present a plumbing emergency, it is cause for alarm and should be fixed as soon as possible.

The cause of a leaking tap can be vast; it can be due to pipe issues, excessive water pressure, a damaged valve set, a damaged cartridge, worn out seals, worn out washers, amongst other problems.

While a leaking tap can usually be fixed, in the case of older taps, it is often best to simply replace the tap to prevent further problems.

If you have a leaking tap in Auckland and want it fixed or upgraded to a new tap, simply call iSpecialise on 09-2322 895 or make an online enquiry. We will have your tap fixed in a jiffy!

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