Flexi Hoses How To Avoid A Flood

Flexi Hoses How To Avoid A Flood

Save money by carrying out preventive maintenance, here are some handy tips to help avoid an after-hours emergency plumbing callout.

Last Sunday, we had a Sunday call out to attend a leak repair caused by a burst flexible hose under neat a vanity basin. This had resulted in extensive water damage throughout the property!! Although the water pressure on the property was under 500kPa the condition of the braided hoses were poor. Unfortunately, unless you are made aware of the damage that these can cause by blowing you would never consider checking them until it is too late. Luckily, in this case, the residents were home and were able to isolate the water supply reasonably fast. We have seen cases where the person has been away, or at work and have come home to a swimming pool inside their own home.

What is a flexi hose?

A flexi hose is a braided hose that is usually connected to your basin or sink mixer taps. They are also used to connect water from the isolation valve to the toilets. Old flexi hoses usually have a rubber tube that runs through the middle, protected by stainless steel braiding. More recent flexi hoses are made with a PE-X inside rather than rubber as these are stronger and last longer, however you have to be mindful when installing them as they can kink a lot easier

How do I know if it needs replacing?

Some signs to look out for with these flexible hoses are visible rust spots, small bulges, or general poor appearance. Depending on the quality of the hose installed, and providing the cold water pressure is under 500kPa, flexi hoses usually last between 5 and 10 years. Most modern plumbing systems have flexi hoses installed, as they all come with our tap flick mixers and are commonly used to connect toilet cisterns etc.

Do I have to use flexi hoses?

Unfortunately, most basin and sink mixers come with flexi hoses built into the body, so they generally cannot be replaced with another material such as copper. However, regular flexi hoses can be replaced with 15mm copper or chrome copper. This may be a little more expensive and take longer to install, but you know copper will last for a very long time, and certainly would not burst like these hoses do. If this is something you may want to consider, contact us today and have a chat with one of our friendly team members.

Next time you have any plumbing problems at home, whether it be with your water heater, or you need a leaky tap repairing ask us or your preferred plumber to give your flexis a visual inspection, this would not take them long and could potentially save you calling for an emergency plumbing service.

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