How Does Gas Leak Detection Work?

How Does Gas Leak Detection Work?

Having a leak is never a good thing. However, having a gas leak can be potentially life-threatening. We learn at an early age that gas leaks can be extremely dangerous and need to be attended to with a matter of urgency. As such, when you suspect you have a gas leak, you want to know you have a reliable team to turn to – a team that is equipped to handle the issue in the safest, most non-intrusive way possible.

Specialist gas plumbers such as iSpecailse are one such team. With a focus on finding and repairing gas leaks, we have invested in the very best gas leak detection to provide rapid results.

Today, we’d like to share how we detect gas leaks without having to tear down your walls to locate the leak. But before we do that, let’s look at the signs you need to look out for to know if you have a possible gas leak.

Signs You Have a Gas Leak

Unlike a water leak, you won’t see a gas leak. A gas leak is most easily identified by its distinctive smell, which is similar to rotten eggs. If you smell something like rotten eggs in the air, you probably have a gas leak and should act swiftly,

Other signs that you may have a gas leak is continuous bubbling in standing water, an ongoing roaring or hissing sound, plants dying, and unnatural dirt and air movement. If the leak is severe, you may experience physical reactions such as breathing difficulties, headaches, and nausea.

If you suspect you have a gas leak, to ensure your safety, please read our post ‘What To Do If You Have A Gas Leak’ and follow the steps provided.

How Gas Leak Detection Works

There are many types of gas detectors, including electrochemical, catalytic bead, photoionisation, infrared point, infrared imaging, semiconductor, ultrasonic and holographic gas detectors, and each type works differently.

However, the type of gas detectors most commonly used for residential gas leaks are combustible gas leak detectors, which utilises electrochemical, infrared point, ultrasonic, and semiconductor technology, and thermal imaging cameras, which utilises infrared imaging. iSpecialise rely on both these devices to provide rapid gas leak detection to customers in Auckland and beyond.

A combustible gas leak detector works by measuring the concentration of flammable, combustible, toxic, and oxygen depleting gases in the home. They can generally measure between 0 – 10,000 PPM (methane). If the reading is beyond a safe level, a signal will go off, confirming a present gas leak. Combustible gas detectors have precision sensors to detect even the smallest leaks, which can then be repaired by a licenced gas plumber such as iSpecialise.

A thermal imaging camera works by visualising gases that behave as selective radiators with low throughput and reflectivity – and high emissivity. They are ideal for locating leaks within a wall cavity or another unreachable area.

Advantages of Leak Detectors

The obvious benefit of hiring a team that uses gas leak detectors is that they will find the gas leak. However, below this, there are many other benefits. For instance, combustible gas leak detectors or any gas leak detectors provide safe detection. They also provide fast and reliable detection. You can count on a gas detector’s findings to be 100% accurate. However, perhaps best of all is their accuracy in pinpointing the exact source of the leak. Finding gas in the air is one thing, but locating where the gas is coming from means repair is quick, and destruction of walls will be minimal.


Gas leaks can be very dangerous, even deadly, which is why, if you suspect you have a gas leak, you need to find it to be repaired fast. Gas leak detection is the best solution for finding gas leaks. A simple device with the ability to measure the concentration of dangerous gases in the air could be lifesaving.

If you suspect you have a gas leak, first turn off your gas supply, evacuate your premises and then call iSpecialise. Our combustible gas leak detectors and thermal imaging cameras will be able to locate the source of the leak rapidly so we can repair it, returning your home to a safe environment once again.

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