How Long Do Hot Water Cylinders Last?

How Long Do Hot Water Cylinders Last?

Like everything, your hot water cylinder has an expected life expectancy. They work great until they don’t. Having no hot water is almost as bad as having no electricity. We need it to conduct our daily duties and to keep clean.

Various issues can go wrong with hot water cylinders in Auckland. The good news is it may not mean you have to have a full hot water cylinder replacement. If your hot water cylinder is on the blink, not providing you with enough hot water or, worse, no hot water at all, it may just need a new thermostat, or the fuse may have blown. It may also be an electrical issue. My point is, don’t think worst-case scenario; “I need a new hot water cylinder” until you’ve called iSpecialise hot water cylinder plumbers in Auckland to take a look. The bad news is, if your hot water cylinder is 10 years old or more, then chances are you will need a hot water cylinder replacement.

So, exactly how long do hot water cylinders last?

It depends on the type of hot water cylinder and its material and quality.

Not all hot water cylinders are the same. Some are high in quality, while others are more budget. Obviously, those that offer the highest quality – those made from the toughest materials and highest quality parts – will offer a longer lifespan than those that are not. Corrosion is the number one reason for a total hot water cylinder replacement, so investing in a quality cylinder will be a better investment.

Other external factors can reduce the lifespan of a hot water cylinder, such as the usage – a cylinder for a family home will not offer the longevity of a cylinder for a single residential dwelling. The more a hot water cylinder is used, the more strain its elements are put under.

The other external factor is the quality of water. Cylinders that have to process low quality water, referred to as ‘hard water’, experience corrosion more quickly than those that process high-quality water. The corrosion will reduce the cylinders lifespan unless it is regularly maintained.

All this aside, you should expect to get the following lifespan from your hot water cylinder:

  • Traditional hot water cylinders: 8-12 years
  • Heat Pump water heaters: 10+ years

Hot Water Cylinder Problems That We Can Fix

As mentioned in the opening, experiencing hot water cylinder issues doesn’t necessarily mean you’re up for a full hot water cylinder replacement. There are many easy to fix hot water cylinder issues that are more than affordable to repair.

Common problems our hot water cylinder plumbers in Auckland often fix include:

  • tripped circuit breaker (no hot water)
  • faulty thermostat (not enough hot water or water it too hot)
  • faulty heating elements or sediment build-up (water takes too long to reheat)
  • blocked plumbing or sink aerators (low water pressure)
  • corroded anode rod or tank (rusty/dirty coloured water)
  • tank bacteria (smelly or stinky hot water)

If you are experiencing any of these issues, then call iSpecialise hot water cylinder plumbers in Auckland to take a look. We will be able to provide affordable repair or advise if a new hot water cylinder is required.

To Repair or Replace a Hot Water Cylinder

Knowing whether to repair or replace a hot water cylinder is relatively easy, providing you have a good understanding of the issue at hand.

Even if you have one of the fixable hot water cylinder problems, if your cylinder is going on 8-years old or older, it may be more cost-effective to invest in a hot water cylinder replacement.


Even the best quality hot water cylinders in Auckland won’t last forever. However. They will last longer than those with inferior quality and materials.

You can expect to get anywhere between 8-12 years of use from a standard hot water cylinder in Auckland and ten years from a heat pump water heater. Factors that contribute to the lifespan or longevity of a hot water cylinder include the usage and quality of water.

Not all hot water cylinder issues mean a hot water cylinders replacement is in order. Many issues are fixable and can be fixed by specialise’s our hot water cylinder plumbers in Auckland.

If your hot water cylinder is on the blink, give iSpecialise a call. We’ll be able to repair the cylinder or let you know if it’s time to get a new one.

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