How Much Do Gas Fitters Cost

How Much Do Gas Fitters Cost

If you follow this blog, then you would have seen last week’s post that looked at the many benefits of connecting your home to gas. And, perhaps you may even be considering making the switch yourself.

Whether you’re looking to switch from electricity to gas or building or renovating, connecting a home to gas is always a good thing. It’s better for the environment and offers long-term savings. However, as mentioned in last week’s article, the upfront installation costs are more expensive. But how much more?

As gas fitters ourselves, we are well equipped to answer this question as well as provide you with all the associated costs of fitting a home with gas.

So how much does a Gas Fitter Cost?

If you’re looking for a fixed set price for gas fitting, it doesn’t exist. The cost of a gas fitter depends on various factors, including whether it’s a new home or renovation, the accessibility, the location and the type of gas fitting work required. Other factors that determine the cost include the number of gas outlets, the amount of pipework, and the type of walls (plasterboard, VJ board, brick, etc.).

Given the fact that there is no fixed cost for gas fitting work, how do you then go about getting an estimate for budgets? Well, there are a few ways to go about this. You can work on a per hour cost basis or a quote basis.

After inspecting the site and taking into account all the mentioned factors above, good gas fitters in Auckland, including iSpecialise, should be able to provide a fixed price quote on gas installations. Alternatively, they should be able to provide you with an hourly rate, excluding fittings and parts.

How much do iSpecialise’s Gas Fitters Cost?

While we can’t give you an exact figure on our gas fitting services, we can certainly give you an idea of the costs you can expect to pay. iSpecialise strive to deliver real value for money in all our services, including our gas services. We welcome you to compare our rates with other gas fitters in Auckland.

We charge an hourly rate of $105 per hour, or you can refer to the list before for an estimate for our most common gas services.

  • For gas cooktop replacements, prices start at $250.
  • For gas storage hot water systems repairs, prices start at $180.
  • For regulator replacement (for LPG Gas), prices start at $300.
  • For appliance conversion (from LPG to Natural Gas or visa versa), prices start at $150
  • For gas services and jet cleaning, prices start at $150.

After any gas work; whether it is installation, replacement, or repair,  iSpecialise commission the appliances and test the entire gas installation for leaks. This service is included in the estimated costings outlined above.


Making the switch from electrical to gas is always a good move; it’s better for the environment and cheaper to run long term. The only real down-side is the installation costs, which are more expensive than electricity. However, the reduced running costs more than make up for the installation costs.

If you’re wondering how much gas fitters costs, there is no set price – the cost depends on various factors including the type of job, amount of outlets required, accessibility etc. The best way to find out gas fitting costs is to get in touch with your local gas fitters, such as iSpecialise and request an on-site quotation. Alternatively, as for an hourly rate to compare against other gas fitters in Auckland.

iSpecialise provide cost-effective gas fitting services for all residential gas needs in Auckland; from gas installations to conversions and repairs. Call 09-2322 895 to get a fixed price quote today.




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