How To Correctly Handle Any Plumbing Emergency

How To Correctly Handle Any Plumbing Emergency

While any home plumbing issue can be problematic and requires a licenced plumber’s attention, some plumbing problems are more urgent than others. Some plumbing problems are so severe that they can be life-threatening. Those that require urgent attention or can threaten one’s life are known as plumbing emergencies.

As a local Auckland plumber that services the areas of East AucklandSouth Auckland, and Hauraki Plains, I’ve seen and repaired more than my share of plumbing emergencies. Some can be minor in terms of hazardous to one’s health but can cause considerable damage to a home or prevent one from doing routine daily tasks like flushing a toilet. Either way, no plumbing emergency in South Auckland, East Auckland, or Hauraki Plains should be ignored and should be tended to by a qualified licenced plumber as soon as possible.

Today, we’re going to cover the most severe plumbing events classed as plumbing emergencies and provide you with essential information on how to handle each event. I’ll also include some important tips on how to choose the right plumber to fix such problems affordably and efficiently.

Plumbing Emergencies & How To Handle Them

Knowing what to do in a plumbing emergency and, more importantly, whom to call, can make a significate difference in the outcome of the crisis. It can be the difference between damage to one’s home or worse, injury to one’s life, and getting through it without too much damage or injury.

Gas Leak

Gas Leak Detection

Starting with the most severe plumbing emergency of all, a gas leak. A gas leak can be life-threatening. If it becomes ignited by a spark or flame source, it can cause severe damage to your home and harm your wellbeing.

If you suspect you have a gas leak, in which case you smell a rotten-egg sulphur smell, you should turn off your gas supply immediately to prevent more gas from leaking. Once the gas supply has been turned off, go around your home, opening every door and window to dilute and dissipate the gas from your home. The next thing to do in a gas leak event is to evacuate your home and call a plumber licensed for gas works. iSpecialise is one such plumber.  As licenced gas fitters, we have specialised equipment to locate the slightest gas leak.

You can learn more about handling a gas leak by reading our blog post, ‘What To Do If You Have A Gas Leak’.

Blocked or Broken Toilet

blocked Toilet

Having a working toilet at all times is imperative. They need to be able to flush away our waste for life to continue to revolve. A broken or blocked toilet can really put a spanner in things, and when they stop working or stop flushing, they need repairing fast.

Toilets can break from overuse or can become clogged anytime something larger than the flush force can handle. It could be a result of trying to flush items that shouldn’t be flushed, such as sanitary items, nappies, wet wipes, or it can be from something as simple as using too much toilet paper. It may not even be a result of something being flushed down the toilet; it may be because the pipe has been compromised, cracked or broken, and is blocked by dirt or tree roots.

If your toilet is unable to operate as it should, you can first try using a plunger, but if that doesn’t clear the blockage, it’s best to call a plumber. iSpecialise will be able to diagnose the issue in very little time to get your toilet flushing freely again.

Overflowing Sewer System

sewer overflow relief gully

One of the most unpleasant plumbing emergencies of all is an overflowing sewer system. If you smell a foul odour around your home or, worse, see raw sewerage overflowing from your sewer overflow relief gully (ORG), then you need to call a plumber quick smart.

A blockage in the sewerage main can cause sewerage (wastewater) to backflow up the ORG, spilling out onto your property. The best way to handle such an event is to call a plumber who specialises in blocked drains such as iSpecialise. We have specialist equipment that enables us to locate the blockage in underground pipes so they can be cleared or repaired if also damaged with minimal disruption to your grounds.

Broken Hot Water Cylinder

hot water beachlands

I love a cold shower, said no one ever!! If your hot water is letting you down, you have a problem with your hot water cylinder or system. The only way to fix the problem is to call a professional. But, do you call a plumber or an electrician? A broken hot water cylinder is the only emergency event that may call for an electrician over a plumber; it depends on the cause of the problem.

If the circuit breaker tripped and won’t stay on or you have only warm water, an electrician will be the likely trade to call. However, if there is water in the base of the cylinder, no water coming from your taps, you see water running out of the cylinder’s pressure relief overflow pipe, or your cylinder is around ten years old, call a plumber. iSpecialise will likely be able to diagnose the issue over the phone and advise whether you need a plumber or an electrician so please give us a call on 09-2322 895

Burst or Split Water Pipe

burst water pipe

Leaking water costs money and can do severe damage to a home if not attended to right away. But a burst or split water pipe isn’t always obvious. More likely than not, the pipe will be underground. If it’s a large spit in the pipe, you will likely notice water pooling on the ground’s surface above the split. But this isn’t always the case. Small slips won’t show any visible signs at all. If you hear running water in your pipes when there’s no tap running, you may have a concealed leak that is hicking your water bill up without you even knowing.

The first thing to do is to turn off your water at the main water supply box. Then, call your local South Auckland, East Auckland, or Hauraki Plains plumber, iSpecialise, if you have a clearly visible burst pipe, water pooling on the ground’s surface, or can hear water running when no taps are on.

We have the right equipment to locate the source of the leak so it can be repaired quickly.

Blocked Drains

Blocked drain in kitchen

A blocked drain is never convenient. While it’s not as urgent as having a blocked sewer or toilet, it can still cause significant disruption to everyday activities like showering, washing hands, and preparing food.

A blocked drain can be the result of many things depending on the site of the blockage. For example, a kitchen drain can become blocked from what we like to call fat-bergs, a buildup of grease, oils and fats that cool when washed down a kitchen sink, forming a mass that eventually causes total blockage of the drain. On the other hand, a blocked bathroom drain usually results from hair and soap scum buildup.

Wherever your drain is blocked, it needs to be cleared fast. You can try DIY methods, which I wrote about in the post, ‘Tips For Clearing A Blocked Drain’. However, if all strategies fail, it’s time to call a plumber.

Between our drain locater, drain snake, and hydro jetter, we can find and clear any drain free of blockage to get your pipes working again.

How To Choose A Plumber For your Plumbing Emergency

Now you know what to do when you face one of these common plumbing emergencies; you now need to know whom to call. While we’d love you to pick up the phone and give iSpecialise a call simply, we also understand that you may like to make an informed decision. And, we would like you to know why we’re the best plumbers in South Auckland, East Auckland, and Hauraki Plains to get you out of your emergency plumbing pickle.

So, let’s discuss the important things to consider when choosing a plumber for your emergency event.

Are they a local plumbing company?

When you have a gas leak, blocked or broken toilet, overflowing sewer system, broken hot water cylinder, burst or split water pipe or clogged drains, you want it fixed fast. So, it makes sense to call a local plumbing company that can get to your residents in under 30 minutes, not a company that is based in Auckland that will take an hour or more to get to you.

iSpecialise is based in Hauraki Plains and can swiftly get to any plumber emergency in South Auckland or East Auckland, usually under 30 minutes.

Are they equipped for the problem at hand?

It’s crucial that you find the right plumber for your plumbing problem. Emergency plumbing situations usually call for experience and specialised equipment. A rookie plumber who has had little or no experience dealing with your current situation will take much longer to diagnose the problem, and we all know that time is money. You want a plumber who can be in and out in as little time as possible, and this only happens with they know what they’re doing and have the right equipment to provide efficient repairs.

At iSpecialise, our name says it all. We’re specialist plumbers with specialist equipment. We have state-of-the-art hydro jetters, drain locators, CCTV cameras, acoustic leak detectors, thermal imaging cameras, combustible gas detectors, and other essential equipment to locate the source of the issue in record time for a speedy repair.

Are they licensed to fix your plumbing emergency?

Not all plumbers are licensed to fix all plumbing emergencies. The fact is, a plumber and a gasfitter are two different occupations which require different qualifications. However, some plumbers are also gasfitters, and some gasfitters are also plumbers. But, one cannot be both without holding a licence with a separate class for gasfitting and plumbing (and draining).

You can learn more about the difference by reading my post, ‘What’s the Difference Between a Gasfitter & Plumber’.

iSpecialise are licenced to handle any and all plumbing and gas-related emergencies. So by calling us first in a gas emergency, you will save yourself the time of calling a plumber who isn’t licensed to repair such a problem.

Are they reliable and affordable?

While it’s tempting to Google an emergency plumber and call the first result you see on Google, they may not necessarily be the best plumber to choose. Granted, they may be paying a lot of money to an SEO company to get them to the top of Google, but it says nothing about their reliability or professionalism. Moreover, if the plumbing company is paying a tonne of money to an SEO company to get them to the top of Google, they may inflate their prices to recuperate their investment. This means you end up paying much more than you should for an emergency plumber. And I’ve seen this happen many times. Some plumbers may simply take advantage of the fact that you’re in a pickle and just want the issue fixed right now, at any cost.

To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, don’t go by their Google ranking. Go by their reviews. You’ll soon see if customers were happy with their service and their fees.

iSpecialise have an excellent relationship with its customers and value your business. We turn up when we say we will, and we don’t increase our rates for any reason, period!

If you have a gas leak, blocked or broken toilet, overflowing sewer system, broken hot water cylinder, burst or split water pipe, or blocked drains, follow the steps outlined above and give iSpecialise a call. As licensed plumbers and gas fitters serving East AucklandSouth Auckland, and Hauraki Plains, we can be on-site in no time at all and fix your plumbing emergency even quicker.

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