How To Find a Reliable Plumber in Auckland

How To Find a Reliable Plumber in Auckland

Are you sick and tired of being let down by tradies who say they will come at a certain time, only to come hours later or not at all? Or tradies who do the job then leave your home in an absolute mess? What about tradies that do an unsatisfactory job? Believe me, there are plenty of bad tradies in Auckland, and plumbers are not immune to such shortcomings.

I’ve heard my fair share of horror stories from customers, which depict terrible workmanship, bad attitudes and all-round lousy service. I can, however, assure you, you won’t experience anything of the kind should you choose a reliable plumber in Auckland, such as iSpecialise. But of course, I don’t expect you to take my word for it. I’m more than happy to provide you with everything you need to know so that you can tell a reliable plumber from a poor plumber. You can then use this information to size us up and see if you believe we are worthy of your business.

So, how do you find a reliable plumber in Auckland? Continue reading to find out.

Turn to Google

5-star reviews

Google really does rule the world. I don’t know about you, but the first thing I do when I want to find something is to head to Google and perform a search. A simple search for “plumbers Auckland” will return hundreds of viable options. You then just need to narrow them down.

To filter the good from the bad, look at their Google Rating, which is out of 5. These ratings are formed from testimonies of real customers. There is no way to hide a poor rating; what you see is a true representation of their service. Any plumber in Auckland with a high (5) star Google rating will be worth a look-in, but also pay attention to the number of reviews that formulate this rating. A 5-star plumber with just one review may not be an accurate representation – it may have been left by a family member or mate. You want to look for a plumber that has a 5-star rating based on a larger number of reviews.

Ask a Mate


You know what they say, nothing’s better than a recommendation from a friend or family member, and when it comes to finding a reliable plumber in Auckland, I believe this is one of the best ways to go about it.

By seeking recommendations from friends and family, you can rest assured knowing they have already used the plumber, and that their workmanship and service has already been put to the test.

Facebook and the likes of, now make it very easy to seek recommendations too. Simply create a post asking for a recommendation for a plumber, and you’re sure to receive may suggestions.

Get on the Blower

call a mate

If you’d prefer a more hands-on approach, another way find a reliable plumber in Auckland is to pick up the phone and give a few a call. A short discussion with the plumber or the plumber’s admin staff will give you a good feel for them and also how they communicate with their customers.

If you have a big plumbing job, ask if they can inspect the site/home and provide a fixed price quote. The telling factor here is a) whether they are happy to give up some of their time to provide you with a quote and b) turn up on time to the scheduled meeting.

Plumbers that are happy to provide an on-site quote and moreover, turn up on time, are likely to be reliable in all other aspects of your dealings with them.


It’s so easy to find a plumber in Auckland; there are literally hundreds of options. What’s not as easy is finding a reliable plumber in Auckland. Though they do exist! You just need to know how to find them.

For peace of mind when hiring a plumber, be sure to either search on Google and look for a plumber with a high star rating and a high number of reviews, get on Facebook and as friends and family for a recommendation, or pick up the phone and call a few plumbers and request an on-site quote. Alternatively, just call iSpecialise. Our ratings and reviews speak for themselves.

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