Leaky Showers

Leaky Showers

All so often we attend jobs that have caused significant water damage, sometimes from something as simple as not servicing your taps correctly. If you have leaky taps and you decide to service your shower taps yourself make sure you follow our steps so you don’t end up damaging your house!!

We attended a job today, the client had opened up their wall searching high and low for a leak that was causing damage downstairs. Once we arrived and carried out our test procedures we found the leak was actually caused because when the customer serviced the tap washers themselves they did not apply silicone back around the spindles, leaving big gaps for water to track down and consequently damaging the ceiling downstairs as well as the carpet in their wardrobe.

When servicing your shower taps follow these simple steps:

  1.  Turn off the water at the water meter
  2. Open the hot and cold taps in the shower draining out any excess water
  3. Peel away old silicone around the spindles
  4. Remove the spindles from the wall
  5. Remove the shower rose or shower outlet
  6. Service the spindles replacing all the O rings, body washers and jumper valves
  7. Reseat the shower combination behind the wall ensuring any cracks or debris have been removed
  8. Re install shower spindles
  9. Lightly turn taps off
  10. Turn water meter back on
  11. Place one hand over the shower rose outlet and slowly turn the cold tap on first followed by the hot to prevent scalding, making sure you wash out all the filings left by the reseating tool
  12. Slowly turn the hot tap off first followed by the cold
  13. Re seal with silicone around the penetrations ensuring no water can leak back into the wall
  14. Re thread tape thread for shower rose and reinstall
  15. Re connect tap handles and covers

If you are still having any problems do be afraid to call iSpecialise for an affordable and efficient service, the leaky tap / shower leak detection specialist 

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