Need a plumber in South Auckland, call iSpecialise!

Need a plumber in South Auckland, call iSpecialise!

Are you a South Auckland resident in need of a plumber? Whether you have a problem with your toilet or hot water system, have a blocked drain, water leak or gas leak, you can count on iSpecialise.

When it comes to needing a plumber in South Auckland, you need only call iSpecialise. As our name suggests, we offer plumbing and gas services. This means we have more experience, can solve any plumbing or gas related problem, and provide better value for money for South Auckland residents, such as you. But don’t take my word, you need only read reviews from our satisfied clients to see we deliver on our claims.

If you need a plumber in South Auckland, give us a call today on  09-2322 895.

Continue reading as I explain more benefits of choosing iSpecialise as your plumbing and gas service provider.

We are family owned and operated

Unlike many plumbers in South Auckland, iSpecialise is a small family-owned and operated business. As such, we value our customers and strive to deliver superior service to our customers.

I head iSpecialise with my wife, Samantha, who runs the admin and bookings side of the business. If you give us a call, it’s Sam who will answer your call. Additionally, Sam’s son, and my step-son, Troy, is part of our team as our apprentice plumber. Our small squad is capped-off with employees Samual and Aaron, who are both licenced plumbers and practically members of our family.

We are honest and trustworthy

As a plumber in South Auckland, I know the competition is high. Not just in the rental market, but amongst the homeowner market too. As such, the only way to stay ahead is the pack is by providing honest and reliable plumbing and gas services; iSpecialise is both.

We have succeeded in the current market when other plumbers in South Auckland have not because we understand the importance of transparency. We are always honest and upfront with customers. We are happy to provide free advice on any situation, even if you are not a customer of ours (yet).

We offer fixed upfront pricing

One of the main reasons why so many customers continue to choose us over other plumbers in South Auckland is because we provide fixed, upfront pricing on all installations and repairs. As mentioned, we believe in total transparency, which we exercise in our billing and quoting. Never will any customer of ours receive an invoice with tacked on costs for additional services.

For total peace of mind, we provide the total service cost upfront, before you engage our services. With iSpecialise, you’ll never get any nasty surprises when the invoice arrives.

We go above and beyond other plumbers

Along with providing honest advice and upfront pricing, we go above and beyond other plumbers in South Auckland by offering free services. Not much in this world is free these days, which is why we like to break away from the mould and offer free drain inspections. Where other plumbers in South Auckland are likely to charge $350 to clear a blocked drain, then add on $150 to inspect the drain and another $100 to locate the blockage, we offer a lump sum fee which includes a free camera inspection.

This is just one example that sets us apart from other plumbers in South Auckland. For other examples, why not pick up the phone and give us a call – you can then experience them first-hand.


If you’re looking for a plumber in South Auckland, then look no further than iSpecialise. We are a family-owned and operated plumbing and gas company that services South Auckland and surrounding areas.

We are honest and trustworthy, and provide complete transparency in all our work, including our rates. We provide upfront fixed costs and go above and beyond other plumbers in South Auckland to provide guaranteed satisfaction.

Call Sam in our office today to request a fixed quote on your plumbing needs or to book a service call. Phone 09-2322 895 or click here to submit an online enquiry.

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