Plumbings Most Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

Plumbings Most Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

Plumbing is a specialised service, which is to be conducted only by qualified plumbers. As such, it’s quite normal for Auckland residents not to know the answer to common plumbing questions; questions like:

Auckland residents also want to know the answer to service-specific questions like:

As you can see from the list of questions above, there is a wide range of plumbing questions that need answering, and iSpecialise is to team to do just that.

We’re a Hauraki Plains-based plumbing company specialising in plumbing areas, including gasfitting, blocked drains, and leaks, and have more than 10-years of experience doing so. As such, we are very equipped to provide answers to these common questions.

If you are seeking answers to a common plumbing question, then you’ll find it here. Please continue reading to discover the most frequently asked questions from our Auckland plumbing customers.

Why don’t I have hot water?

You may run out of hot water for several reasons, depending on your hot water system.

If your Auckland home has a standard electric hot water cylinder, the cause may be:

  • You have no electricity to your hot water cylinder
  • You’re using more hot water than your cylinder can hold
  • There is a problem with the thermostat, or it’s set to a low temperature
  • There is a problem with the temperature-pressure relief valve
  • The hot water cylinder is over 10-years old and needs replacing

If your Auckland home has a solar hot water system, the cause may be that it is not receiving enough sunlight to produce hot water.

If you have not hot water or have another problem with your hot water system, contact iSpecialise. We will be able to identify the issue and provide swift repairs. You may also like to read the article ‘5 Signs You Need a New Hot Water System’, for more information on possible hot water system issues.

How long will my hot water cylinder last?

As mentioned above, one possible reason for a hot water cylinder to run out of hot water is that it has reached its lifespan and needs replacing.

Hot water cylinders only have a 10-year expected lifespan.

Once they reach this age, they will likely start experiencing various issues where you’re better off replacing the cylinder than paying for bandaid repairs.

If your hot water cylinder is approaching 10-years and starts to experience problems, give iSpecialise a call. We provide a same-day replacement service for hot water cylinders.

How do I fix a leaking tap?

If you have a leaking tap in Auckland, you’re not alone! A leaking or dripping is one of the most common plumbing problems, usually from a warn/perished washer or rubber seal, which needs replacing.

The good news is, you don’t necessarily have to call an Auckland plumber to fix it. You can fix it yourself by simply purchasing a new washer, turning off your water at the mains, and unscrewing the tap to remove the headgear and reveal the washer. It’s good practice to replace the washer and o-ring at the same time.

If you’d prefer to leave your leaking tap to an Auckland plumber, give iSpecialise a call. This is a straightforward repair that isn’t expensive to fix.

How do I clear a blocked drain?

There are many ways to clear a blocks drain, but it depends on the type of blocked drain you have on your hands.

If you have a blocked kitchen sink, it may be a build-up of oil and grease, and therefore boiling water may clear it. Alternatively, if food waste or a foreign object is causing the drain blockage, a plunger may be better suited.

For bathroom drain blockages, such as shower or basin, it may require removing the waste to clear the drain manually but always try a plunger first.

For external drain blockages, such as blocked sewer mains, blocked stormwater drains etc., you’re best to call an Auckland plumber who specialises in blocked drains, such as iSpecialise. We have specialised equipment to locate the source of the blockage to avoid unnecessary digging or damage and can clear any blockage efficiently and affordably.

You can learn more tips about clearing blocked drains in Auckland by reading ‘Tips For Clearing A Blocked Drain’.

Which hot water system is best for me?

Hot water systems in Auckland can in many forms but can be divided into two categories;  storage hot water systems and instantaneous hot water systems.

Storage hot water systems include electric, gas, solar, and heat pump energy sources, while instantaneous hot water systems are available with electric or gas energy sources.

Knowing which is best for your Auckland home comes down to purchase cost vs lifelong costs. The amount of sunlight your home receives may also be a deciding factor.

For cheaper upfront costs, consider electric hot water systems or gas hot water systems. Otherwise, for cheaper ongoing costs, consider Solar hot water systems or Heat Pump hot water systems.

If your Auckland home doesn’t receive a lot of sunlight, then a solar option won’t be suitable. You’re better off choosing between electrical and gas systems.

You can learn more about hot water systems in Auckland by reading ‘Everything you need to know about Hot Water Systems‘.

Why is my water pressure low?

Having low water pressure can be frustrating, especially if you enjoy your shower time. A sudden drop in water pressure can be caused by a number of issues, namely:

  • A water leak somewhere on your property
  • Blocked or corroded pipes
  • A semi-open or broken stop/shutoff valve
  • A semi-open main water valve
  • Water outages in your local area
  • Your tapware is faulty

If you have checked everything you can check and your low water pressure remains, it’s then time to call iSpecialise, your local Auckland plumber. We can find the root of the issue to get your water pressure back to normal.

How much does a plumber cost?

A plumber in Auckland will depend on the service provided. Here at iSpecialise, our standard hourly rate is $90 per hour. However, we have fixed pricing for various services. For example:

  • The average cost to replace a like-for-like hot water system can range between $800 and $2500 depending on the circumstances and $1200 to $3000 to switch from electric to gas.
  • The cost to replace a gas cooktop starts at $250.
  • The cost for gas storage hot water systems repairs starts at $180.
  • The cost for regulator replacement (for LPG Gas) starts at $300.
  •  The cost of appliance conversion (from LPG to Natural Gas or visa versa) starts at $150
  • The cost of gas services and jet cleaning starts at $150.
  • The cost to clear a blocked drain starts at $85.
  • The cost to clear a blocked drain using a high-pressure jetter is  $250 for the first hour, then $40 per 1/4hour after that
  • We will inspect and locate your drainage problem with our specialist CCTV camera whilst onsite using the hydrojet for an additional $100, to carry out an inspection and locate on its own without clearing a blockage would usually cost $200

The prices above are only indications and may have changed since the time this article was published. Please contact iSpecialise for a fixed quote for your Auckland plumbing requirements.

How much does it cost to replace my hot water cylinder?

The cost to replace a hot water cylinder in Auckland will depend on whether you’re supplying the new cylinder or want your plumber to supply it. In most cases, plumbers provide the replacement hot water cylinder, which we recommend, to ensure that the right replacement cylinder is purchased.

Excluding the new hot water cylinder’s cost, you should expect to pay between $250 and $700 to have your local Auckland plumber install your new hot water cylinder. iSpecialise can provide a fixed quote upon application. Simply call us on 09-2322 895, and we will review your requirements and provide upfront costing.

Can a plumber fix my gas cooktop or oven?

Not all plumbers can fix a gas cooktop – nor is it legal for all plumbers to do so. Only plumbers who hold a valid New Zealand gasfitting licence can legally repair gas appliances or install gas to Auckland.

To ensure your Auckland plumber can fix your gas cooktop or oven, ask to see their Authorisation card. It looks like this:

gas authorisation card


As an Auckland homeowner, it’s natural not to know the answer to common plumbing questions. However, knowing the answer to such questions can be very handy and can help you either fix a problem yourself or know when you need to call an Auckland plumber for professional assistance.

By providing answers to the most common FAQs, we hope to be able to help you in your quest. However, if your question hasn’t been answered here, please give us a call. We will provide the information you need or can offer our services for efficient and affordable plumbing repairs in Auckland.

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