How you can save $ thousands

How you can save $ thousands

Buying a new property?

So you’re looking to purchase a property? This can be a big milestone in your life, and can be a mix of emotions, and can be quite a costly exercise with expenses such as solicitor fees, stamp duty, cost of moving homes, building and pest inspections and so on.

Building and pest inspections are essential there is no denying that. The last thing that you need is to buy a lemon. One thing that often goes overseen is the plumbing and drainage.

Although the building inspections sometimes briefly check for plumbing problems the building inspectors are not licensed plumbers and very often miss crucial issues with the plumbing, check out a few of these plumbing disasters on the master plumbers website, don’t let this be at your new property!!

At iSpecialise, we specialise in insurance reporting/repairs as well as real estate property maintenance, and all too often we come across homeowners who have major issues with their plumbing, in particular, the integrity of the waterproofing in bathrooms, and who may also require drainage work, have problems with tree roots and so on.

iSpecialise have come up with an idea that can potentially save you THOUSANDS of $$. We have come up with a pre-purchase plumbing inspection reports which cover all aspects of plumbing drainage and gas compliance and condition.

Our pre-purchase inspections check all the plumbing that we can access, from your water meter, testing the water pressure is safe, inspecting the hot water installation is in good condition and compliant (this can be a costly repair if it is in poor condition), checking for water hammer which can cause leaks within your water service, the condition of flexible hoses, we test the integrity of your shower waterproofing by using our state of the art thermal imaging camera using hot water so we can detect any breaches in the waterproof membrane, pressure tests ensuring there are no concealed leaks, we even use our drain camera to see what the condition of your drainage and stormwater system is in, ensuring you do not move into your new house to find there is a blocked drain. If gas is on your new potential property we also test the gas installations ensuring there are no gas leaks, and that all the gas appliances are installed up to standard.

These inspection reports we carry out are sent to your email in a PDF, complete with photos, descriptions and a quote on rectifying the plumbing problems, which you can use to your advantage to either negotiate repairs or reduce the sale price.

Not only will we provide you with a full report, but we will also guarantee your plumbing for 6 months, so if you have any plumbing issues on what we deem in good condition we will repair this for free (excludes plumbing we cannot physically inspect i.e underground water service).

So if you’re in the market for a new property and you want to purchase this with confidence knowing that you won’t be spending thousands on plumbing repairs in a hurry. Contact us today. We have your best interests in mind. We provide plumbing services in Auckland from East Auckland to Sout Auckland. Our plumbers are all highly professional and experienced so you can have peace of mind. So remember iSpecialise when buying your new home, the plumbing professionals.

Check out this video we found on youtube showing the importance of getting your drains checked and how much of a major job this can be to repair. We wish you all the best and happy home hunting.

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