In need of a specialist Botany Downs Plumber? Then turn to the #1 plumber in Botany Downs, iSpecialise. Our team of plumbers are the most experienced and skilled in the region. We are expert plumbers in the field of blocked drains, leak detection; both water and gas, hot water cylinders, and Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspections.

Whether you have a broken or blocked stormwater pipe, blocked sewer line, a suspected gas leak or obvious water leak in Botany Downs, then we can help! Our qualified plumbers rely on cutting edge equipment to provide precise and efficient plumbing repairs. We have the equipment that other local plumbers don’t. As such, we are able to locate a blockage or leak with pinpoint accuracy, preventing unnecessary digging or damage to your home. So don’t delay. If you need a plumber in Botany Downs, don’t choose a sub-par plumbing service – pick up the phone and give us a call!

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Blocked Drains in Botany Downs, East Auckland

A blocked drain is never a good thing. If you have a blocked drain in Botany Downs, then you will want to get it cleared fast! For the quickest blocked drain clearing in Botany Downs and East Auckland, turn to iSpecialise.

We are Botany Downs’ leading blocked drain plumbers and can have your drain cleared in a jiffy. Unlike other so-called blocked drain specialists, we have the best equipment for the job at hand. Utilising our drain locater, CCTV camera and a 5000 psi hydro jetter, we can location, inspect and then clear any drain and any type of blockage. For you, this means a more efficient and less intrusive repair.

No blockage is too touch of iSpecialise. Contact us for your blocked drain woes today.

Leak Detection in Botany Downs, East Auckland

What’s worse than a blocked drain? A leak! Whether you have a water leak or a gas leak in Botany Downs, it should be addressed as soon as possible – gas leaks, with urgency. For leaks, there is no better leak specialist in Botany Downs than iSpecialise. We’re called iSpecialise for a reason! We specialise in detecting water and gas leaks, and we have state of the art detection equipment that can precisely locate a leak the size of a pinhead.

Using our leak detector, thermal imagine camera, and/or combustible gas detector, there isn’t a leak we can’t find and repair. This specialised equipment gives us a leg-up on other plumbers in Botany Downs. We don’t need to tear down walls or dig up your yard to locate a leak; our equipment does it for us, and best of all, you pay no more for our special equipment.

Underground Leak Detection Botany Downs
hot water system installations and repairs

Hot Water in Botany Downs, East Auckland

In addition to blocked drains and leaks, we also specialise in hot water system installations and repairs in Botany Downs. Whether you have no hot water, your hot water cylinder is leaking; you need to upgrade to a large unit or want to switch from electrical to gas or solar hot water, we’re the plumbing team to call! Our expert plumbers provide an affordable hot water repair and replacement service across East Auckland, including Botany Downs.

Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspections in Botany Downs, East Auckland

Don’t buy a home in Botany Downs without investing in a Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspection! You wouldn’t go unconditional without having a Building & Pest Inspection performed, so why would you without also looking into the plumbing?

What most homebuyers don’t realise is that plumbing is not addressed in a Building & Pest Inspection. You may be purchasing a structurally sound house, but it may require thousands in plumbing repairs. Don’t take the risk. Give iSpecialise a call to ensure your plumbing is as sound as the rest of your home.

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Whether you need your drains unblocked, a water or gas leak solved, your hot water fixed, or require a pre-purchase plumbing inspection, you can count on iSpecialise to deliver the goods. We service East Auckland, including the suburbs of Botany Downs, Beachlands, Bucklands Beach, Dannemora, Eastern Beach, Golflands, Half Moon Bay, Highland Park, Howick, Flat Bush, Maraetai, Mount Wellington, Pakuranga, Panmure, Penrose, and Whitford.

Plumbing Inspection

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