Need a Kaiaua plumber? Not just any Kaiaua plumber, one you can count on; one who not only talks the talk but walks the walk? Then you need iSpecialise; your local specialist Hauraki Plains Plumber!

iSpecialise takes plumbing seriously; takes your plumbing problems seriously. Which is why we not only have the most experienced and skilled plumbers in Kaiaua, but we also have the best, most state-of-the-art equipment to ensure we provide a top-notch service that’s second to none.

As our name suggests, we are specialists plumbers in Kaiaua. We specialise in the trickier plumbing problems that go beyond a leaking tap or blocked sink. We love a challenge, and with our equipment, we can resolve all plumbing problems efficiently and most importantly, affordably!

While we service all plumbing problems, its blocked drains, water leaks, gas leaks, and hot water installations and repairs at which we excel. Whether you have a clogged drain, water leak, suspect a gas leak or have a common plumbing problem, we’re the Kaiaua plumbing team to call.

Turn to a Kaiaua plumber you can rely on to solve your plumbing problems with speed and accuracy. Turn to iSpecialise.

Blocked Drains in Kaiaua

Blocked Drains in Kaiaua, Hauraki Plains

Need help with blocked drains in Kaiaua? No worries; we’re your Kaiaua blocked drains specialist!

Having blocked drains can be very problematic. Whether it’s a clogged sink or waste drain, stormwater drain or sewer drain, it’s never pleasant. Thankfully, blocked drains are no match for our blocked drain plumbers in Kaiaua.

With our blocked drain equipment, we can locate concealed and underground drains, and then using our high-pressure water jetter, flush away the most stubborn clogs to have your drains flowing freely once more. We even provide a free CCTV inspection once we have cleared the drains to ensure no debris has been left behind.

Don’t sweat blocked drains, call iSpecialise. We’ll have it cleared in no time at all!

Leak Detection in Kaiaua, Hauraki Plains

Need professional leak detection in Kaiaua? No problem; iSpecialise are your Kaiaua leak detection specialist! Whether you need to find a concealed water leak or gas leak, we have the skills and equipment to detect the smallest of leaks, with pin-point precision.

Our leak detection plumbers in Kaiaua have cutting edge equipment to detect any leak. Between our leak detector, thermal imaging camera and combustible gas detector, we have your leak detection needs covered. And, once we locate the leak, we can repair the leak, even gas leaks as we’re also licenced gas fitters.

Don’t neglect a leak in Kaiaua. A water leak will increase your water bill and could cause damage to your home, and a gas leak can be deadly.

Detecting a water leak or gas leak is a piece of cake for iSpecialise!

Leak Detection

Why Choose iSpecialise as your Kaiaua Plumber?

There are many Kaiaua plumbers and even more Hauraki Plains plumbers, but ask yourself, do they have the experience and equipment to handle your plumbing problem like a professional? Or, will they fumble around spending double or triple the time (at your expense!!) trying to solve a problem they are not equipped to solve? This is the iSpecialise difference.

Our ability to quickly resolve the most challenging, hardest to locate plumbing problems means less labour outlays for you, along with a quicker resolution and less invasive repair. We don’t need to dig up half your yard to locate a drain blockage; our equipment finds it for us. We don’t have to pull down plasterboard to find a wall leak; our equipment discovers it for us.

If you live in Kaiaua, or the surrounding suburbs of Whakatiwai or Miranda, make the smart decision by choosing iSpecialise as your new Kaiaua plumber. You’ll be glad you did! There isn’t any plumbing problem we can’t fix.

Call our friendly team to request a quote for drain unblocking or leak detection in Kaiaua today. Phone 09-2322 895 or book our services online.

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