Are you in need of a new Kaihere plumber? Do you have a water leak? A gas leak? A clogged drain? Then, you definitely need iSpecialise; the latest Kaihere plumber on the block.

We may be new in town, but we’ve been at this game for years. After moving to Australia for a few years, we’re back, ready to resolve all your complex plumbing problems, and general plumbing problems too. If you have a water leak, gas leak, blocked drain, problem with your hot water, or even a leaking tap, we can help!

iSpecialise sets a new standard for Kaihere plumbing companies. We’ve raised the bar to a height that no other Kaihere plumbing company can reach, and we’re ready to provide our specialised services to you!

Experience a new standard by choosing iSpecialise as your Kaihere plumber. We have the experience and equipment to fix any and all plumbing problems; from a simple blocked sink, to locating a concealed leak the size of a pinhead. There isn’t anything we can’t resolve with efficiency and professionalism.

Blocked Drains Kaihere

Blocked Drains in Kaihere, Hauraki Plains

Searching for ‘Blocked Drains Kaihere’? then you’ve landed on the right page! iSpecialise are your local blocked Drains experts. We thrive on locating and clearing the most stubborn clogs. With cutting edge equipment; our drain locator, hydro jetter, and CCTV camera, no clog is a match for iSpecialise.

We approach blocked drains in Kaihere like few other plumbing companies; first, we use our drain locater to locate your drain (if it’s a stormwater drain or sewer), then we rely on 5000pSi of water pressure from our water jetter to flush away the obstruction.  Finally, we provide a free CCTV inspection post flush to check that all obstructions are clear to prevent any further clogging.

Whether you have blocked stormwater, sewer or internal drains, you can count on iSpecialise to clear it fast and effectively.

Leak Detection in Kaihere, Hauraki Plains

Searching for ‘Leak Detection Kaihere’? then search no further! iSpecialise are your local blocked drains experts. We excel at finding leaks that other Kaihere Leak Detectors can’t! With state-of-the-art leak detection equipment; our leak detector, thermal imaging camera and combustible gas detector, we can detect a leak as small as a pinhead!

We approach leak detection in Kaihere like few other plumbing companies. For underground water leaks, we count on our Sewerin Release Aquaphon A150 Acoustic Leak Detector & the A100. For hard to find internal water leaks, we turn to our thermal imaging camera, and for gas leaks, our combustible gas detector is our go-to tool. There is no guess-work here; just precision detection for efficient and non-destructive repair.

Whether you have an internal or external water leak or a gas leak, you can count on iSpecialise to find it fast and repair it effectively.

Leak Detection Kaihere’

Why Choose iSpecialise as your Kaihere Plumber?

iSpecialise is no ordinary Kaihere plumbing company; we’re a team of specialised plumbers trained and able to solve the toughest plumbing problems. Our goal is to provide a first-class service that is second to none. This is ensured by the efficiency and precision of our service. No one can locate and clear a blocked drain or detect and fix a leak like us.

Moreover, we also service Kaihere residents with common plumbing problems like a blocked toilet or leaking tap – no problem is too big or too small for our competent team of plumbers. We approach every job with the same intent; to resolve the issue in the quickest manner possible. By doing so, our labour time is lower, which means your bill is lower, and we’re able to service more customers each day.

Whether you have a clogged drain, gas leak, water leak, hot water issue, or a dripping tap, we’ve got your back! If you live in Kaihere, or the surrounding suburbs of Ngatea, Mangatarata, Kerepehi, or Patetonga, give us a call!

Call our friendly Kaihere plumbing team for all your plumbing problems. Phone 09-2322 895 or book our services online.

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