For all your Pukekohe plumbing needs, turn to iSpecailise; specialist plumbers in the area of blocked drains, water and gas leaks, hot water, and plumbing inspections.

iSpecialise is your local South Auckland plumber. We’re unlike any other Pukekohe plumbing company; we’re reliable, honest, and more than equipped to handle the most challenging plumbing troubles.

If you live in Pukekohe and need a Pukekohe plumber you can count on to be efficient and honest, then give us a call. From having no hot water to needing a new hot water cylinder, having a leaking tap to a gas leak, a blocked toilet to a blocked sewer line, no job is too big or too small. We’re very capable of taking care of all your plumbing problems.

Choosing iSpecialise as your Pukekohe plumber and experience a new standard of plumbing. Call our Pukekohe plumbing team for all your plumbing problems on 09-889 9553 or book our services online.

Blocked Drains in Pukekohe

Block Drains in Pukekohe, South Auckland

Is your toilet filling to the brim, your stormwater backing up or your drains not clearing? Then you probably need a Pukekohe drain unblocker. For blocked showers or toilets, basins or skinks, sewer or mains drain, our specialist drain unblockers in Pukekohe can help.

We have the very best drain detection and drain unblocking equipment to locate the precise location of the drain and flush it clear with brut force. Nothing’s a match for our high-pressure water jetter that pumps 5000 psi of water.  Our drain unblockers will locate flush away the blockage, freeing your drains of all obstructions—whatever and wherever the blockage, you can count on our Pukekohe drain unblockers to clear it swiftly and effectively.

For efficient and effective drain unblocking in Pukekohe, call iSpecialise. No drain blockage in Pukekohe is too difficult for our experienced drain unblocking team

Leak Detection in Pukekohe, South Auckland

If you have a water leak or gas leak in Pukekohe, South Auckland, you need specialist leak detectors in Pukekohe. iSpecialise are such specialists.

As licenced plumbers and gas workers, our leak detectors have the qualifications and equipment to deal with any leak. We provide a non-destructive leak detection service that will locate all leaks; water or gas, without causing any home damage. We can even location underground leaks with pinpoint precision.

The first step in fixing a leak is locating the leak. For this, we turn to our specialist leak detection equipment. Using a thermal imaging camera, along with an acoustic leak detector for water leaks and a combustible gas detector for gas leaks, we can locate the source of a leak without any digging or destruction. Once the leak is found, we will then provide a quote for its repair.

iSpecialise make leak detection and leak repairs in Pukekohe a straightforward process that is quick and easy. For efficient and effective leak detection and repairs in Pukekohe, call iSpecialise.

Leak Detection in Pukekohe

Why Choose iSpecialise as your Pukekohe Plumber?

iSpecialise is not your ordinary Pukekohe plumbing company; We are local South Auckland plumbers providing the very best service, back by 10-years experience and a satisfaction guarantee.

Our objective is to provide an outstanding service, which we ensure through efficient, friendly, and affordable service. No one can detect and fix a leak or locate and unblock a drain like us.

We understand the significance of providing excellent and great value for money service and strive to deliver the kind of service that will make you want to take 5 minutes from your day to tell other Pukekohe residents how well we did.

Whether you need your drains unblocked, a water or gas leak solved, your hot water fixed, or require a pre-purchase plumbing inspection, you can count on iSpecialise to deliver the goods. We service the entire South Auckland region, including the surrounding suburbs of Pukekohe, Pukekohe East, Pukekohe Hill, Buckland, Puni, Mauku, Patumahoe, Paerata, and Kingseat.

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