Signs You Need an Emergency Plumber Right Away

Signs You Need an Emergency Plumber Right Away

Just like we need our power to be functioning correctly at all time, we also need our plumbing to be fully operational at all times. When you have an electrical problem, you call an electrician. However, often, when people see signs of a plumbing problem, they ignore. It then becomes an even better problem, and an emergency plumber is needed, urgently.

However, not everyone knows the tell-tale signs to look out for to know when you need to call an emergency plumber in Auckland. Thankfully, as emergency plumbers ourselves, we know just what they are.

Continue reading to discover the important signs to look out for.

Blocked Drain

While not exactly life-threatening, a blocked drain can lead to significate damage if not swiftly attended to. A blocked sink will prevent you from using the sink, which is a problem considering the average person washes their hands around 8 times a day… and lets not even think about how you’d prepare dinner not being able to use the kitchen sink.

Blocked Toilet

A blocked toilet is cause for a plumbing emergency if there ever was one – especially for homes that only have one bathroom. On average, we’re said to use the toilet five times a day, times that by how many people are in your house and you can see the problem. A blocked toilet needs to be cleared urgently to prevent a larger blockage and more significant damage.

Water Leak

If you have a water leak on a large scale, then you need an emergency plumber to attend to the problem as soon as possible. Aside from obvious water wastage, large scale water leaks, such as those as a result of a burst pipe or cracked pipe, can cost you dearly when it comes time to receive your water bill. Moreover, if not attended to quickly, the leak can damage the foundations of your home and even damage the structural integrity of a home.

No Hot Water

If you read my post from last week, you will know that no hot water is a problem that needs rectifying urgently. No one likes a cold shower. If you have no hot water, call a plumber such as iSpecialise, so we can determine the cause of the problem and get your hot water running again.

Gas Leak

The slightest smell of gas calls for an emergency plumber in Auckland. A potential gas leak can be very hazardous. The leak needs to be detected and contained ASAP. It’s important to note, not all plumbers are equipped or qualified to handle gas. You need a gas plumber, such as iSpecialise. We use specialised thermal imaging cameras to locate the source of a leak efficiently.

Blocked or Smell Sewage

If you smell sewage inside your home, then there is a chance you have a blocked sewage pipe which needs an emergency plumber to fix. A plumber can investigate the cause of the sewage smell and get to the bottom of the problem. iSpecialise have specialised drain clearing machines that can clear a blocked sewer with ease.


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If you have a blocked drain, blocked toilet, water leak, no hot water, suspect a gas leak, or you smell sewage in your home, you need an emergency plumber in Auckland, pronto!

At iSpecialise, we are the emergency plumbers to call in Auckland in times of need. Aside from being fully qualified plumbers, we’re also gas fitters. Therefore, if you’re unsure if you have a plumbing or gas emergency on your hands, we’ll be able to fix the problem regardless – no need to call in other trades.

Call our friendly team on 09-2322 895. If you have a plumbing emergency on your hands, we will prioritise your call and attended to in a matter of urgency.

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