Tips to Prevent Blocked Drains at Home

Tips to Prevent Blocked Drains at Home

Blocked drains in Auckland are a nasty business which can cause havoc inside and outside a home. Inside a home, they can lead to toilets not being able to clear, kitchen sinks filling will dirty used water, shower bases overflowing and other washing machines overflowing laundry tubs, just to name a few. Outside a home, a blocked drain can produce long-term water accumulation which can weaken the structural integrity of a home, create mould and mildew, attract termites and mosquitos, and of course, cause flooding.

As you can see, a blocked drain can lead to a magnitude of problems; none good.

At iSpecialise, we make it our mission to alleviate you of any blocked drain issue you make be having with swift, efficient and affordable blocked drain service. As expert Auckland blocked drain plumbers, we have the tools and experience to clean any and all blockages. However, why even let it get to this stage when there are measures you can take to help prevent a blockage from occurring in the first place!

To prevent blocked drains in Auckland, and the problems that they create, follow these simple tips below.

Inside a home

Blocked drains are caused by obstructions in a pipe, which prevent free-flowing water. In the home, the majority of blockages are a result of our own doing, and can easily be avoided with a little common sense.

Kitchen Sink

Don’t wash solids and food scraps down the drain. Even if you have an InSinkErator, certain foods shouldn’t be disposed of this way. Also, avoid washing away fats and grease down the sink; they can form fatbergs, which will surely clog up your kitchen sink. Running hot water down the sink after cleaning greasy pots and pans will help avoid fatbergs.

Bathroom Sink & Shower

The accumulation of hair in a bathroom sink or shower basin is a sure way to block a pipe. Be sure to unscrew the top off the pop-up basin waste and remove the top of the shower floor waste at least monthly and clear it of any foreign objects such as a hair buildup.


A blocked toilet can easily be avoided by simply watching what you place into the toilet. Avoid placing any sanitary items, nappies, and even wet wipes down the toilet. These items are not designed to be flushed. Also, be mindful of how much toilet paper you use; excessive toilet paper is a common cause of a blocked toilet. It also pays to ensure the toilet is always flushed clean before use.

Outside a home

Preventing blocked drains outside a home can be a little more complicated than inside a home because they are often caused by external factors. Nevertheless, there are measures to take to help prevent a blocked drain.

Downpipes and Stormwater

To prevent your downpipes and stormwater drains from blocking, it pays to inspect your gutters and regularly clear them of any debris, fallen leaves, etc.

Pipe Maintenance

Old clay pipes are commonly blocked by tree roots and soil and can become an ongoing nightmare. Having iSpecialise perform a free drain inspection will identify any possible cracks or blockage so they can be fixed before a serious clog occurs.


A blocked drain, whether it’s a blocked kitchen or bathroom sink, toilet, shower drain, laundry tup, downpipe, stormwater drain or otherwise, brings nothing but trouble and should be avoided at all costs.

To help prevent your home from experiencing the side effects of blocked drains, simply be mindful of what you wash down your sink and flush down your toilet, and clear out your bathroom vanity sink and shower floor waste regularly. Outside your home, clear your gutters of any debris and have a plumber, such as iSpecialise perform a free drain inspection to identify and correct any potential issues before they become more serious.

If you have a blocked drain in Auckland, then give the friendly team at iSpecialise a call. Our blocked drain plumbers will prioritise your request and have your drains cleared in no time at all. Call today on 07 5627 0792.

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