How to prevent a blocked drain

How to prevent a blocked drain

Blocked drains can be a pain up the backside, and they seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. Coming into the holiday season here’s a few tips to help prevent your drain blocking up.

  1. Do not flush foreign objects down the toilet. There’s only 3 things that should go down your toilet, your number 1s, number 2s and of course toilet paper. Don’t flush paper towels, wet wipes, sanitary items, or nappies down the toilet, these do no breakdown and can cause the toilet pan to become blocked, or get caught down the drain pipe and build up. Sick to the one, twos and toilet paper and you’ll help prevent any blocked drains.
  2. Avoid planting trees near your drainage system. If your doing some landscaping at home, bear in mind where you plant your plants, in particular trees with a large root system. Roots can be a drains worse nightmare, dislodging, breaking or entering the drains through the smallest split. If you are unsure where your drains run you can obtain a drainage plan from your local council, or if you are still in doubt you can contact iSpecialise, and we can locate your drains with our camera and locator
  3. Avoid using excess washing powder when doing your laundry. Use only as much washing powder as needed, too much washing powder can solidify in your drainage system causing problems in the future. Plus you will save money all that extra washing powder your using is not been used.
  4. Do not pour grease and fats directly down the drain. Grease and oils are notorious for solidifying in the drains. As the fats cool down they form into a solid state and get lodged in your drain. The best way to deal with this is to let the fats cool down and then scrape them straight into the garbage. If you do rinse down a small amount of fat make sure it’s with hot water.
  5. Do not remove those strainers on your kitchen sink. Yes, those strainers are there for a reason. As you wash off your dinner plates they catch all the leftovers and stop them going down the drain. Its best to through the leftovers big or small into the rubbish, or even better yet, make a compost heap and nourish your garden bed!!
  6. Don’t dump all your leftovers in the sink In particular rice, and peelings. These are very hard to clear and move down the drain naturally, especially when the drain is running to a gully, as they all get stuck in both the kitchen sink trap and gully trap. Again as mentioned above through all your leftovers in the garbage, or start a compost heap.

Hope these little tips will help you avoid any unwanted and unexpected blockages over the holiday period, however, if the crap hits the fan, contact iSpecialise and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help. We are operating as normal over the holiday period. Feel free to call us on 0490522343 or visit our enquire online iSpecialise is wishing your a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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