What to Do if You Have a Blocked Sewer/Wastewater Pipe

What to Do if You Have a Blocked Sewer/Wastewater Pipe

We all know how inconvenient it is to have a blocked sink. Having a blocked toilet is even worse. So, I don’t need to explain how problematic a blocked sewer pipe, also known as a wastewater drain, can be. There’s possible no worse plumbing problem to face.

Besides being incredibly inconvenient, a blocked sewer can potentially become hazardous to our health.

Therefore, if you suspect you have a blocked sewer pipe, it’s best to call a professional licenced plumber with the equipment to identify and clear such a problem efficiently. iSpecailise is one such plumber.

Failing to act on a blocked sewer will eventually result in an overflow of raw sewerage from internal and external drains. Unfortunately, there is no getting around a blocked sewer. It won’t go away by itself.

iSpecialise isn’t a standard plumber. We’re a team of specialised plumbers with expertise in unblocking drains. We have state-of-the-art equipment to explore wastewater pipes and sewer connections to identify the blockage location and clear it without the need to dig or damage your home. Using our CCTV camera, we can see inside the drains to perform of thorough drain inspection. This allows us to diagnose the issue and assess whether it’s a simple blockage or if something more severe, such as a broken pipe, is the primary cause of the blockage.

If there is no damage to the wastewater pipe and the issue is purely a blockage, we can use our high-pressure water jetter to dislodge the blockage without the need for any repair or replacement. If there is damage to the pipe, such as that caused by tree root infiltration, we can offer an on-the-spot quote to carry out repairs most efficiently and economically.

How to Identify a Sewerage Problem

There are a few ways to help to tell whether you have a sewage problem.

Toilets make a strange noise

If you notice a strange gurgling noise coming from your toilet, it could be a sign of a blocked sewer pipe. You can determine if the noise is the result of a blocked sewer pipe by looking at the water level in the basin. If the water level rapidly rises when you flush the toilet and is slow to lower to the normal water level, usually while making a gurgle, you likely have a blockage. If the water doesn’t lower at all, then you have a backup.

The blockage may be only in the toilet itself, in which case you can try and free it with a plunger, but if it is far down the pipe, a plumber will be required.

Drains are slow to clear

Sewage combines with greywater, that being water from your shower, bath, washing machine, kitchen sink etc., in the wastewater pipe. Thus, a blocked sewer can affect all the plumbing in your home – not only your toilet.

In addition to your toilet being slow to clear, if you have a blocked sewer pipe, all drains will become slow to clear as the water tries to pass the blockage. If you notice any plumbing fixture taking an unusually long time to empty, then you may have a blocked sewage or wastewater pipe.

Drains overflow into your home

If you have a server blockage, wastewater won’t be able to leave the gally traps and private wastewater pipes that connect to the public wastewater network. They cant go forward due to the blockage, so they go back. Back up the pipes and come out the drains.

Signs of wastewater – combined sewage and greywater – overflowing from internal or external drains is a clear sign of a server blockage.


A blocked sewer pipe or wastewater pipe requires the urgent attention of a professional licenced Plumber. Plumbers in Auckland, such as iSpecialise, who specialise in blocked sewers and wastewater pipes, have the equipment needed to provide efficient results.

You can identify if you have a sewage problem by checking to see if your toilet gurgles when being flushed or the water level quickly rises and slower lowers during flushing. Slow clearing drains are another sign, but a clear sign of a blocked sewer or wastewater drain is overflowing drains.

If you think you have a blocked sewage pipe or wastewater pipe in  East AucklandSouth Auckland or Hauraki Plains, give us a call. Phone 09-2322 895 or submit an online enquiry.

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