What’s the Difference Between a Gasfitter & Plumber

What’s the Difference Between a Gasfitter & Plumber

Do you need a gasfitter or do you need a plumber? Do you need both or, are you not sure? It’s not surprising that there is so much confusion around gasfitters and plumbers.

The fact is, a plumber and a gasfitter are two different occupations which require different qualifications. However, some plumbers are also gasfitters, and some gasfitters are also plumbers. But, one cannot be both without holding a licence with a separate class for gasfitting and plumbing (and draining).

If you’re renovating your home or kitchen, then there is a good chance that you will need both a gasfitter and a plumber or better, a gas plumber (are you still following?).

It’s easy to see where the confusion stems from. To help you understand the difference between the gasfitters, plumbers and gas plumbers, continue reading this article. As a licenced gasfitter and plumber (a gas plumber), I know the precise differences between the two and I can break it down, so it’s easy to understand.

What is a Gasfitter?

A gasfitter is an individual who is licenced only to perform gas works. This includes gas installations of heaters, BBQs, cooktops, ovens, hot water systems, etc., along with gas maintenance and repairs. They are also licenced to locate gas leaks.

Therefore, if you only need work done relating to a gas appliance, then a gasfitter is who you need.

What is a Plumber?

A plumber is an individual who is licenced to perform all plumbing works with the addition of gas works under the supervision of a qualified gas fitter. This includes the installation of drainage systems, bathroom, kitchen and laundry fixtures and pipes, sewage connections, etc., and all gas works mentioned above. A plumber also provides maintenance and repairs for said works.

Therefore, if you need both gas and plumbing work carried out, a plumber who offers gas fitting services may be suitable, providing at least one of the plumbers holds a full gasfitting licence.

What is a Gas Plumber?

Along with a gasfitter that only performs gas work and a plumber that can only perform gas work under the supervision of a fully licenced gasfitter, you then have a gas plumber. A gas plumber is an individual who holds a full licence as a plumber and as a gasfitter and can, therefore, perform both plumbing and gasfitting works without supervision.

Therefore, as above, should you require gas and plumbing works, a gas plumber is ideal. A gas plumber has the qualifications to perform all the necessary works individually, which will save you money and the need for additional trades.


A gasfitter and a plumber are distinctively different and should not be confused. An individual who is solely qualified as a gasfitter cannot provide plumbing services without holding a plumbing licence, but a plumber can perform some gasfitting. Looking at the two in terms of the services they provide, a gasfitter is someone that is licenced to perform only gas works. A plumber, on the other hand, is licenced to perform plumbing works including installation and maintenance of gas pipes and fittings, but only under the supervision of a qualified gasfitter. There are also gas plumbers, who are fully licenced to perform all gasfitting and plumbing works and hold a licence for each.

If you need both gasfitting and plumbing services carried out, then you should look for a gas plumber. For this, look no further than iSpecialise. As a licenced gas plumber, we can take care of all your plumbing and gas needs, saving you time and money.

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