hot water cylinder repairs in Auckland

Hot Water System Specialists

We don’t realise how much we rely on having instant hot water until we have none. iSpecialise is your East Auckland and South Auckland hot water system specialists. Whether it’s gas continuous flow hot water, gas storage, electric storage, solar hot water, or a heat pump, we can make sure you get the right water heater for you.

We can provide you with friendly advice on what hot water cylinder is best for your needs. All of our hot water cylinder installations come with a 10-year guarantee on the tank; some even offer a 12-year warranty. We also offer solutions that can prolong the life of your cylinder, such as annual sacrificial anode replacements, and so on.

For affordable hot water repairs and installation service, call iSpecialise; Auckland’s hot water specialists. If you require a cylinder replacement or hot water system repair, we can offer a ‘same-day’ response, providing you with excellent service and competitive prices.

Reliable & Affordable Hot Water Repair & Installation Services

We offer a reliable and affordable hot water system service to East Auckland and South Auckland. Whether you need your system repaired or replaced, you can count on iSpecaise to provide a timely and efficient service.

iSpecialise repairs and installs all types of hot water solutions in Auckland, professionally and efficiently. If you are considering switching systems, contact us. We will happily discuss your needs and recommend the best solution for your needs.

Hot Water Installation Service

Same-Day Hot Water Installation

We understand the importance of having hot water, that's why we will prioritise all hot water cylinder problems to ensure your hot water is up and running again on the same day.

Top Quality Hot Water Unit Brands

iSpecialise only install high-quality hot water units from top-quality brands, such as Rheem, Vulcan, Rinnai, Therman and Bosch. Put your mind at ease, knowing your new system will offer longevity.

Old Hot Water Unit Removal

We will take and dispose of your old hot water unit and rubbish, saving you the hassle of wondering where or how you are going to get rid of a big and heavy unit.

Types of Hot Water Systems We Repair & Install

  • Continuous Flow Hot Water

    Continuous flow hot water is a gas hot water system. If you have gas on your property or are thinking about having gas installed, then a continuous flow hot water system could be for you.

    Continuous flow hot water is very energy-efficient – water is only heated as you need it. Another great benefit is that you will never run out of hot water. If you have teenagers, or just enjoy having a hot bath or a long shower, rest assured the hot water will keep on coming.

    iSpecialise offer a variety of major brands including but not limited to, Rheem, Rinnai and Therman. All of these units come with a 10-year warranty.

  • Gas Storage Hot Water

    Gas storage hot water services are excellent. They are efficient and heat water fast. With a low gas consumption and a fast recovery, you will save money and reduce the size of the hot water service needed. Unlike continuous flow hot water systems, gas storage systems store hot water. So, if there is ever a shortage of power, you will still have running hot water.

  • Electric Storage Hot Water

    An electric hot water cylinder heats and stores the water. They are more economical to supply and install; however, they can be more expensive to run as the thermostat will heat the unit as required – even if you are not using hot water. When the temperature drops, the electric hot water system will turn the element on to maintain its temperature.

  • Solar Hot Water

    Solar hot water systems utilise solar panels to heat the water. As water runs through the panels, it is heated by the sun. Solar hot water systems are available as split systems or close-coupled systems. The tank of a split system is installed away from the panels; usually on the side of your house and a pump circulates the water through the panels and back into the tank. On the other hand, the tank of a close-coupled system is attached to panels on the roof, and water flows without a pump through the panels and into the tank. If it’s overcast or raining, the system’s booster; either gas-electric or electric solar, detects when the tank is not getting enough heat and kicks in to heat the water.

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