Auckland Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspection Specialists

Need Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspections in Auckland? Call iSpecialise!

Don’t buy a lemon! Plumbing problems in your new home can cost THOUSANDS. Have peace of mind knowing you are not purchasing a lemon with our iInspect Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspection Service.

Whether you are ready to purchase your first home, or you are a real estate veteran, a pre-purchase plumbing inspection can be of benefit to you!

iSpecialise can confidently check what your building inspector can’t. Our iInspect Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspection service will review and test all areas of plumbing to ensure your potential new home is free of any plumbing issues.

Pre-purchase building and pest inspections are essential; however, in our line of work, all too often, we meet new homeowners dealing with drainage problems, leaky showers and burst flexible hoses. If you live in East Auckland or South Auckland and want peace of mind knowing your new home is sound, right down to the plumbing works, give us a call.

We always hear “well that didn’t get picked up on the building inspection“.
That’s because building inspectors are not licensed plumbers!!

We are a specialist plumbing company in East Auckland or South Auckland, who has your best interest at heart.
We will make sure that your biggest purchase will not end up draining you financially with unexpected repairs.

What Our Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspection Covers

Leaky taps

We check to make sure all taps are in good working order. Stiff or leaky taps are probably the last thing on someone's mind when purchasing a house, but these are all small issues that could prove problematic. We like to give you the confidence that everything has been accounted for, so we will check even the most minor plumbing issues, including dripping or stiff taps.

Gas fitting

Not only are we excellent plumbers, but we are also gas fitters as well! We will test and inspect the property's gas installations to ensure all are up to New Zealand standards and safe to operate. We will also perform a gas pressure test, making sure that there are no gas leaks.

Thermal Imaging

iSpecialise relies on state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras to test the integrity of the waterproofing in wet areas such as the shower. We carry out specific tests using hot water and our thermal imager, which enables us to find any breaches in the waterproofing membrane. As waterproofing issues are not covered by insurance, this can lead to a very costly repair. Including attracting white ants due to the dampness and the fact that it may go undetected for a long time. Although building inspectors use thermal imaging, they do not carry out the tests we do with hot water to determine whether there is a leak or not.

Pressure Tests

Our team of highly qualified plumbers are skilled in all facets of plumbing. Services include installing new pipes and plumbing for home builds and renovations, along with all residential plumbing maintenance jobs.

Pipe Identification

We identify and inspect the pipework installed at the property to ensure it is in good condition and identify the brand of pipe you have if. This can be given to a plumber if you ever require any alterations or have an emergency repair that may need carrying out.

CCTV Drain Inspection

We will inspect the stormwater and sewer main drains to ensure there is no root ingress or broken or dislodged pipes underground that could potentially cost thousands in repairs. Blocked drains can be a nightmare! The last thing you want to deal with after moving into your new home is raw sewage due to a dodgy drainage system.

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