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Blocked Drain Unblockers Auckland

Do you have a problem with your drains in East Auckland or South Auckland? Call iSpecialise! iSpecialise are expert blocked drain unblockers in Auckland. Through our iUnblock service, and with the aid of our specialist equipment, we can unblock any drain. That’s our guarantee.

Drainage problems can be frustrating and sometimes expensive to repair. Your drain pipe may be blocked for several reasons; tree roots, dislodged or broken sewer pipe, or it could simply be due to an excess build-up of toilet paper or sanitary products. Whatever the cause of your drain blocking, iUnblock can clear and repair it.

Blocked drains are often an emergency that requires a plumber’s urgent attention. We understand the importance of having running drains, and will prioritise your drain blockage with a ‘same day’ service guarantee. Best of all, we charge no ‘call-out’ fees!

Not only will we clear the blocked drain and identify the cause, but we will also pinpoint precisely where the problem is, tell you how deep it is, and give you a fixed price repair quote on the spot if needed. If you need a drain unblocked in East Auckland or South Auckland, give us a call!

True Value for Money Block Drain Service

If you have a blocked drain in South or East Auckland, there is no better team to call than iSpecialise! Don’t be fooled by other plumbing companies that turn up to clear your blockage, and then hit you with extra costs for camera inspections and specialist drain unblocking equipment.

With iSpecialise, there are no hidden costs. If your blockage requires the use of our specialist equipment, you won’t be hit with additional charges. Our prices for drain unblocking fees are all-inclusive and competitive. They also include high-pressure drain cleaning, which is faster and more effective than an electric eel.

Whether it’s a blocked sewer or stormwater pipe, iSpecialise can clear it with speed and efficiency. If you have plumbing problems, whether it’s a blockage or a water leak, contact us today.

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Specialist Blocked Drain Equipment

Locating and clearing an obstruction is made easy with the right equipment. At iSpecialise, we rely on state-of-the-art equipment to deliver precision and accuracy, and at no additional cost to you!

We utilise the following specialist drain unblocking equipment for clearing blocked drains in Auckland.

Hydro Jetter: At iSpecialise we rely on our KJ5000 hydro jetter to ensure all obstructions are cleared from the drain. The Ridgid KJ5000 high-pressure water jetter sprays out an astonishing 5000pSi of water pressure, clearing the most stubborn blockages. Tree roots are no match for this. With a variety of different nozzles and attachments, we can get through almost anything. Clearing blocked drains and pipes in Auckland is made easy thanks to our hydro jetter.

Drain Locator: Finding the location of a block shouldn’t be a guessing game. With our specialist drain locator, it isn’t! We can pinpoint the location of underground pipes to prevent any unnecessary digging and guesswork.

CCTV Camera Inspection: We have state-of-the-art CCTV cameras that can locate blockages to the utmost accuracy. And, with the precise location and depth of a blockage, we can provide a fixed repair quote. We take a video of the drain before (when possible) and after cleaning an obstruction and provide you with a free copy via email, or USB.

Our CCTV cameras offer reliability, so there will be no wondering if your drain will block again during the most inconvenient time! All our work is guaranteed so you can sleep easy at night knowing it won’t happen again.

We include a CCTV camera inspection with every blocked drain job to make sure there are no breaks or additional obstructions further down the line – at no extra charge to you!

Types of Blocked Drains we Unblock

  • Blocked toilet

    Toilet blockages are often the result of a simple pan blockage; where too much toilet paper, paper towels, wipes, or sanitary items have been flushed down the toilet. In most cases, a plunger will dislodge the obstruction. However, if the clog is due to a broken pipe or dislodgement in the fittings, you will need to call iSpecialise. Using our special CCTV camera, we can locate the problem and provide a fixed quote for the repair. We clear these toilet blockages by locating a drain opening and clearing the drain using our specialist equipment.

  • Blocked Basin Sink

    Blocked basin sinks are common occurrences and are usually the result of clogged soap scum and hair. Clearing them is often as simple as using a plunger or clearing the plug and wastes or trap. However, if this fails, we send our hand auger down the waste pipe to clear the drain or retrieve any obstruction causing the blockage.

  • Blocked Shower Drain

    As with a blocked basin, a blocked shower or bathtub drain is usually due to hair and soap scum build-up. If you have a 100mm grate in your shower, you can reach down and collect any excess hair from the trap. You may also be able to plunge through the old shower scum using a rodding plunger, which is not the typical plunger you would use on a sink. These have a flat 100mm rubber disc at the end and can be pushed down the drain to help push through any debris. If all else fails, give iSpecialise a call. Our unblocking drain equipment will clear the clogged drain effectively and affordably.

  • Blocked Kitchen Sink

    Kitchen sink blockages are unique. We won’t find lint or hair down a kitchen sink drain, but we do find grease and fats. Grease and fat build-ups are formed from rinsing dishes and pots and pans, usually when cleaned with cold water. As the oil and fats cool down in the drainage system, they solidify, generally in the kitchen trap or overflow relief gully. This can result in what we plumbers call fatbergs—big build-ups of fat and grease that look like icebergs in your drain!! In such cases, you will need to call iSpecialise. We can unblock your drain using either a drain snake or our hydro jetter.

  • Blocked Laundry Tubs

    Blocked laundry tubs are less common, but it does happen; usually as a result of lint build-up from your washing machine. You may be able to clear the clog by taking the trap apart or by merely plunging your sink. If you are unable to clear a blocked laundry tub yourself, then it’s time to call iSpecialise – Don’t leave it until you need to put on a load of washing as it will result in an overflowing sink and a flooding laundry!

  • Blocked Sewer

    Blocked sewers in South and East Auckland are often an emergency and need urgent attention, which is why we guarantee a ‘same-day’ service. We will prioritise your job as your health is paramount. Our drain clearing machines can clear up to 150mm drain pipe, and do so with ease. Whether a sewer, stormwater or main drain is blocked, our specialist equipment can clear it! Next time you have a blocked sewer drain in Auckland, call the professionals at iSpecialise.

  • Blocked Main Drain

    Next time you need to unclog a toilet, clean your basin traps, or destroy the tree roots in your drains, call the friendly team at iSpecialise. Our iUnbock service utilises state-of-the-art equipment and CCTV cameras to locate the cause of the blockage efficiently and effectively. Our prices are very competitive, and with all blockages that require the use of our special machinery, we offer a complimentary drain camera service and recording for you to keep. We will also locate where the problem occurred so we can repair it or provide a fixed quote to repair any breaks or defects in your drainage system.

  • Blocked Stormwater Drain

    A blocked stormwater drain is never a good thing. Ensuring stormwater drain pipes are clear of blockage is essential, especially during the storm season. iSpecialise will ensure your stormwater pipes are running smoothly and free of any obstructions. We will unclog your stormwater drain, put our CCTV camera in the drain, and locate where the problem has occurred, all for one fixed price. And if required, we will provide you with an on-the-spot, fixed quote to dig up and repair your stormwater drain.

Blocked Drains FAQs

  • What causes drain blockage?

    There are many types of drains in South Auckland, East Auckland, and Hauraki Plains homes, and therefore, there can be many causes for drain blockage.

    Indoor blockages, such as a blocked kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower drain, or toilet, are generally caused by our own doings and are usually much easier to clear than outdoor blockages.

    For example, a blocked toilet is usually the result of too much toilet paper or sanitary items being flushed down the toilet. The flush force is not strong enough to pass such things through the drains, causing a blockage. A blocked shower drain or basin is usually the result of hair and soap build-up, while a blocked kitchen drain is commonly the result of grease and fat build-up, which solidifies with cold water.

    Outdoor blockages, such as blocked sewer pipes and blocked stormwater pipes, are more commonly caused by nature; though, blocked sewer pipes may also result from excess toilet paper, etc. Fixing outdoor blockages requires additional expertise and specialised location equipment, such as the equipment we use here at iSpecialise.

    Read ‘5 Causes of Blocked Drains‘ for more information.

  • Can blocked sewer drains be repaired without digging up a yard?

    Yes! Absolutely, but only if the plumber you choose has the right equipment. Here at iSpecialise, we rely on state-of-the-art equipment to pinpoint the exact location of a blockage. This equipment prevents any unnecessary digging or damage to your yard. Only the area needing repair requires digging.

  • What do I do if I have a blocked sewer drain?

    If you have a blocked sewer drain in South Auckland, East Auckland, or Hauraki Plains Ward, you will need to call iSpecialise straight away. Unfortunately, a blocked sewer won’t clear itself.

    A blocked sewer may be caused by build-up or it may be the result of root invasion. The cause of the blockage needs to be identified. If the pipe is cracked or broken, it also needs to be repaired.

    We understand that having a blocked sewer is unpleasant and that it needs to be attended to right away. Therefore, we prioritise such calls.  If you have a blocked sewer in South Auckland, East Auckland or the Hauraki Plains Ward, call iSpecialise on 09-2322 895.

    Our article ‘How To Handel an Overflowing Sewer System‘ may also come in handy.

  • Do I need to call a plumber to clear my blocked drain?

    In most cases, yes, you will need to call a plumber in South Auckland, East Auckland, or Hauraki Plains Ward to clear your blocked drain – read ‘Why You Should leave Blocked Drains to an Expert‘ to learn why.

    There are some DIY options that you can try to clear more simple blockages such as a blocked toilet or kitchen sink, which you can read here in our blog post. However, if you have tried all these suggestions and the blockage remains, or if you have a more severe backup, such as an outdoor blockage, then it is time to call iSpecialise.

  • What are the consequences of not fixing a blocked drain?

    Having to call a plumber to clear a blocked drain is a pain, we know. But living with a blocked drain can be a much bigger plain! If a blocked drain is left unattended, it will undoubtedly cause overflowing and possible flooding – not to mention a lack of functionality. You can’t use a toilet that won’t flush; you can’t use a sink that won’t clear.

    Blocked drains need to be fixed.

  • How can I prevent my drains from clogging?

    Because most indoor blockages are caused by our own doings; i.e, excess toilet paper in the toilet, hair in the shower, etc., we can prevent many blockages before they occur. It just takes a little thought and a change in our behaviour to prevent blockages from occurring.

    We wrote a handy blog post outlining some handy tips to help you prevent your drains from clogging, which you can read here.

    Preventing outdoor drains from clogging in South Auckland, East Auckland, and Hauraki Plains Ward can be a little more difficult. In most cases, clogged sewer pipes and blocked stormwater drains are caused by cracked or damaged pipes, filled with dirt or tree roots. Such circumstances are unavoidable.

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