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iSpecialise is a local Auckland plumbing business that does just what our name says. We specialise in clearing and inspecting clogged and blocked drains, locating drainage for alterations or renovations, underground leak detection services, internal leaks using thermal imaging, pre-purchase plumbing inspections and water heating solutions.

We have invested in state-of-the-art plumbing equipment that general plumbing businesses don’t have access to, and focus only on work that this equipment is required. For blocked drains, we rely on our Ridgid KJ5000 high-pressure water jetter, which sprays out an astonishing 5000pSi of water pressure. For leak detections, we depend on the Sewerin A150 kit, complemented by the A100; water combined with compressed air, allows us to trace the waterline and pinpoint the underground leak. And, for hard to find internal leaks, we rely on our FLIR thermal imaging, along with our moisture meters, which can help us locate and determine a cause of the leak. Whether it’s a blockage, underground leak, internal leak, or otherwise, we have the right equipment to solve your plumbing woes.

I need help:

  • Unblocking a Drain
    Do you have a blocked drain in Auckland? Yes? Then you need iUnblock! We understand having a clogged drain is not pleasant, and that it needs rectifying as soon as possible.

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  • Detecting a Leak
    If you have a leak but are unsure where it is coming from, then you need iDetect. Using thermal imaging cameras and other specialist detection equipment, we will determine where your leak is coming from without causing unneeded damage to your home.

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  • Buying a Home
    Plumbing problems can cost thousands to rectify and are often unnoticed when purchasing a new property. Our iInspect service is a comprehensive pre-purchase plumbing inspection that will let you buy with confidence.

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  • Getting Hot Water
    Do you have a problem with your hot water system in Auckland? If you are experiencing a loss of temperature, a reduction in how long your hot water lasts, or a sudden drop in pressure, chances are, your hot water system needs repairing or replacing. iHeat to the rescue!

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