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Auckland Leak Detection Specialists

Need to Locate a Leak in East Auckland or South Auckland? Call iSpecialise!

Have you received a letter from Auckland City Council notifying you of excess water consumption? Do you suspect you have a water or gas leak? Then call Auckland’s leak detection specialists, iSpecialise.

With the help of our iDetect service, iSpecialise can make the most hidden water and gas leaks seem so easy to find! We are the best when it comes to leak detection in Auckland. We will detect the source of the leak and can also provide an accurate price to repair the leak.

Water Leak Detection

Gas Leak Detection

FLIR Thermal Imaging

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Concealed Leaks Underground

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Specialist Leak Detection Equipment

Sewerin Release Aquaphon A150 Acoustic Leak Detector & the A100: For our leak detection equipment, we have the Sewerin A150 kit, complemented by the A100 which mixed the water with compressed air, so we can both trace the waterline, and pinpoint where your underground leak is coming from. Saving hours of labour that a plumber may spend trying to find the leak, digging potholes and hoping for the best. We can locate even the smallest of underground leaks.

Thermal Imaging Camera: For internal leaks that are hard to find, we use our FLIR thermal imaging, along with our moisture meters, which can help us locate and determine a cause of the leak. With our thermal imaging technology, there isn’t often a leak that we can’t find. We use a specialised thermal imaging camera to detect leaks with precision and ease. Our FLIR technology enables us to trace a leak to its source.

In suspected shower leaks, we can carry out other tests, whereby using hot water, we can determine whether you have a waterproofing issue of a problem with the pipes. This thermal imaging camera, along with our moisture meters, can usually find an internal leak without leaving your walls looking like Swiss cheese.

Combustible Gas Detector: A combustible gas leak detector will detect the presence of flammable, combustible, toxic, and oxygen depleting gases in a home. The detector works by measuring the concentration of certain gases through infrared point, ultrasonic, electrochemical, or semiconductor sensors.  If the reading is beyond a safe level, a signal will go off confirming the gas leak.

In suspected gas leaks, we use our combustible gas detector to locate the source of the gas leak and then carry out the repair.

Types of Leaks

  • Water Leak Detection

    If you’re unable to find the source of your leak, we will get to the bottom of it! Our water leak detector is so advanced, it can find a leak the size of a pinhole! A water leak may be coming from your shower or bathroom, or an underground pipe. Water leaks can cause significant damage to a home, both internally and externally, and the source of the leak isn’t always obvious! Sometimes, you may not even realise you have a water leak until you receive a bill for excess water use.

  • Gas Leak Detection

    In addition to being water leak detection specialists, we are also gas leak detection specialists! We can confirm a gas leak by carrying out a safe pressure test. If you ever smell gas, call iSpecialise immediately. A gas leak can have catastrophic consequences. Don’t put yourself or your family in danger. Our advanced gas leak detector will sniff out any and every leak.

    If you suspect you have a gas leak, please read ‘What to do if you have a gas leak‘ before calling us – your safety is paramount.

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