4 Benefits of Gas Hot Water

4 Benefits of Gas Hot Water

Unless you’ve either built a new home or really looked into hot water system options, you may not even be aware that gas hot water is a thing. Well, it is, and it’s awesome!

As a gas plumber in Auckland, I’m fortunate to be able to work with all types of hot water systems; gas hot water systems, electric hot water systems, and also solar hot water systems. However, I have to confess, gas hot water is my preferred choice, by far. So much so, that I installed it in my own home.

If you’re building a new home in Auckland and tossing whether to opt for solar, electric or gas hot water or if you’re considering switching to gas hot water, then this article is for you. Continue reading to discover the top four the benefits of gas hot water.

Heats Water Faster

How many times have you yelled at the kids for taking too long of a shower and using up all the hot water? It sucks, but with a gas hot water system, this is a problem of the past.

Gas hot water systems take a fraction of the time that electric hot water systems take to heat water, and if you opt for a continuous flow gas hot water system, you will never ever run out of hot water again!

More Energy Efficient

Gas hot water is more energy-efficient than its electric counterpart. This is because it takes less time to heat the water; thus, less energy is used. And, if you opt for a Continuous Flow hot water system, even less energy is used because it only runs when hot water is required.

Unlimited Supply of Hot Water

As mentioned, continuous flow hot water systems are unique because they are the only hot water system to provide an unlimited amount of hot water. You will never run out of hot water, no matter how long the kids are in the shower!

More Cost-Effective

I don’t know about you, but I like to save money. With a growing family, every cent counts. It’s been widely reported that hot water uses 25% of your home’s energy budget, so your hot water heating choice will have a significant impact on your annual budget.

With gas hot water, you will reap in the savings. While they are more expensive initially, in the long run they offer great savings, which you will recoup in just two years.

A simple cost comparison on the Rheem website shows the difference in running costs; an Electric Water Heater will cost $1269.58 per year to run, while a 4 Star Gas Storage heater costs just $1181.46 and a 6 Star Gas Continuous Flow heater costs just $1043.40 a year to run. These figures speak for themselves. That’s a significant saving over a 10 year period.


When it comes to hot water, you generally have three options; gas hot water, electric hot water, and also solar hot water. However, in my humble opinion as a gas plumber in Auckland who has had ample experience with all three; gas hot water is by far, the better choice.

Gas hot water presents many benefits; no power is wasted, it only heats when you need to use it, water is heated faster, a gas hot water system will last longer than its counterparts and is more energy-efficient, it offers an unlimited supply of hot water, and best of all, it provides excellent cost savings.

If you’re looking to have a gas hot water system installed in Auckland, turn to iSpecialise. As gas plumbers, we are qualified to handle all gas fitting and plumbing work, and we offer a superior service that is second to none.

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