4 Home Uses of Gas, & Why You Need to Make the Switch!

4 Home Uses of Gas, & Why You Need to Make the Switch!

Are you sick of waiting for your hot water to get hot, your heater to warm a room, or your hot plate to heat up? If you are, then it may be time to consider switching to gas! Gas is an alternative fuel to electricity and offers many benefits for home use.

As gas plumbers, the team at iSpecialise can take care of all your gas needed, including switching from electricity to gas; whether it’s just one appliance or the entire home. We are fully qualified to handle all gas installations and provide a satisfaction guarantee on all workmanship.

If you are considering making the switch to gas, then continue reading this article. Below, you will find the most common home uses for gas, which may just help you finalise your decision.

Cooking with Gas

Of course, when we think of home uses of gas, the first thing that comes to mind is a gas cooktop, and for good reason. Gas is the preferred cooking fuel for chefs and home chefs alike because it delivers instant heat, better temperature control, and much less electricity than an electric cooktop. The great thing about gas cooktops is that they don’t require a gas connection. You can get LGP gas cooktops that run off gas bottles, which is obviously cheaper to install.

iSpecialise commonly install gas cooktops in Auckland, both natural gas and LPG gas cooktops. Contact us to see which type of gas is best suited for your needs.

Hot Water

Next to cooking with gas is heating water with gas. Unlike standard hot water systems, which run off electricity, gas hot water units utilise natural gas. Therefore, water heats faster, and in turn, running costs are cheaper. However, as they require natural gas, a gas connection to the home is required.

iSpecialise installs all types of gas hot water units in Auckland, including continuous flow hot water and gas storage hot water. Both are economical; however, continuous flow units deliver hot water only as you need it and never runs out, whereas gas storage systems can only supply the amount of water held by the system.


Thankfully, it doesn’t get too cold in Auckland during winter. However, it is cool enough to need a heater, at least in the early hours of the morning. Electric heaters are not at all economically-efficient, but gas heaters are.

Gas heaters come in the forms of flued (natural) and portable (LPG). Then there are gas fireplaces. All are significantly cheaper to run than electronic heaters. They are also much better for heating an entire house compared to electric heaters.

iSpecialise install fueled gas heaters and gas fireplaces in Auckland, saving homeowners significantly on their heating costs. If you’d like to switch to gas heating, give us a call.

Clothes Dryers

Did you know a gas clothes dryer is 50% cheaper to run than an electronic clothes dryer? These running costs add up to significant savings. Moreover, they dry clothes quicker and are more gentle on fabrics.

Gas clothes dryer run off natural gas, and therefore require natural gas to be fitted to your home. If you’d like to make the switch to natural gas today, call iSpecialise.


For instant heat and more economically-efficient heating, you simply can’t beat gas. There are two options for home gas; natural gas, which connects to the main gas supply and LPG gas, which runs off gas bottles. Whichever you choose for your home, know you will avail significant savings. Just remember,  gas clothes dryers and gas hot water systems only operate on natural gas, and therefore require a connection.

If you’d like to switch to gas, give Auckland gas plumbers, iSpecialise a call on 09-2322 895.

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