Drain Chemicals

Drain Chemicals

Drain chemicals must always be used with care! Ensure to read the MSDS before using.

Generally speaking, the public does not usually have access to chemicals of this strength but if you do manage to get your hands on some please be sure to use PPE and safety precautions. Do NOT use hot water to wash away the acid as the chemical reaction with hot water can cause your drainage pipes to melt, or splash-back and cause harm and injury. If your plumber attends to clear a blockage and is going to use chemicals be sure to inform them if you have put and caustic soda eg., Drano down the drain as this can also have a reaction.

The best advice we can give you if you do have the intentions of using drain chemicals is to call a licensed plumber. Don’t end up like the poor man in this article who was, in fact, a plumber but unfortunately did not take the right safety precautions.

We are the Auckland’s blocked drain specialists and can more often than not clear your blockage without the need for these dangerous chemicals.

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