Common Problems that Call for an Emergency Plumber

Common Problems that Call for an Emergency Plumber

There’s never a good time to have a plumbing emergency. They happen at the worst of times and when we least expect it. And, in most cases, they come completely out of the blue and without any warning. Sometimes, nothing can be done to prevent them, but more often than not, preventive measures can be taken to avoid ever needing to call an emergency plumber.

If you’re looking to avoid needing the call an emergency plumber in Auckland, then continue reading this article. Below, I have outlined the most common problems that call for an emergency plumber, and I’ve included the preventative measures you can take to ensure you don’t face the same problem.

Blocked toilets

A blocked toilet is one of the most common plumbing issues that call for an emergency plumber, and unfortunately, it’s the one we most urgently need fixing – particularly if there is only one toilet in the home.

Thankfully, prevention is very easy, and it only takes a little common sense. To avoid having a blocked toilet, don’t flush anything but TP down the toilet – this means no wet wipes, paper towels, or female hygiene products. Also, go easy on the amount of toilet paper you use per flush!

Broken sewage or water pipe

I have to admit, even as a plumber, I’ve had my plumbing emergency with a broken sewage pipe. So, it can happen, to anyone, even plumbers. In my case, it was a result of excavation work that was being done at my home. Unfortunately, the weight of the excavator broke the pipe below, causing raw sewage to emerge. Gross, right! This was actually a blessing in disguise as it unearthed a bigger problem with my sewage pipe; a crack which was full of around 6mts of tree roots. Had this happened at a different time, I would have had to dig up all the new landscaping to replace the piece of broken pipe.

So, the takeaway message here is; underground sewage pips can be broken when excavating, or under extreme weight, and can also be broken from tree roots.

To avoid damaging sewage pipes when excavating, you can purchase a copy of an existing draining plan from the council. And while you cannot prevent a tree root from cracking and inhabiting a sewage pipe, you can have a drain inspection performed that can identify such problems before they come an emergency. Give iSpecialise a call today on 09-2322 895 and ask us about our free drain inspection.

Hot water problem

Although we can live through having no hot water, no one wants a cold shower. Even one is one too many. There are many problems that can cause a hot water system to fail, resulting in the need for an emergency plumber. The system itself may just be too old, or it may have a problem with the thermostat or have sediment build-up. You can often catch a hot water system before it fails by regularly inspecting it. If you see water coming out of the tank, hear noises coming from the tank or see rusty water coming from the tank or your taps, there is a good chance you’re system is about to bust. Avoid the need for an emergency plumber by having a plumber inspect your system and if need be, repair or replace it before a total failure occurs.


As you can see from the list above, no plumbing emergency is enjoyable. The most common problems that call for an emergency plumber in Auckland include a blocked toilet, broken sewage pipe, burst water pipe, and hot water system problems. The good news is, these emergency plumbing problems can often be avoided with a few simple preventative measures.

To avoid a blocked toilet, only flush toilet paper down the toilet, and don’t use excessive amounts. To avoid a broken water or sewage pipe, be cautious when digging new holes around the yard and have your pipes inspected annually, and lastly, to avoid problems with your hot water system, inspect your system regularly for leaks, rusty water, or noises; any of these are a sign that your system is about to fail.

Whether you need an emergency plumber in Auckland or want to avoid needing one, Tompkinson Gas and Plumbing can help. We have state of the art equipment including CCTV cameras, inferred cameras and high-pressure water jetters that can inspect and help prevent emergency plumbing problems, such as those mentioned in this article before they occur.

Call our office today on 09-2322 895 to see how we can help.

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