Essential Tips for Hiring a Plumber in Auckland

Essential Tips for Hiring a Plumber in Auckland

There’s no doubt; we’re going through some difficult times right now. With COVID-19 still causing havoc and peoples lives upturned, no one needs the added stress of plumbing issues. Moreover, the added weight of trying to find a plumber in Auckland that won’t rip you off or let you down in your time of need.

While we would love your business, we also understand that many Auckland residents like to get quotes from three suppliers before making a decision. Thus, to help you in your quest; we’re offering the following tips.

Continue reading to discover essential tips for hiring a plumber in Auckland.

Check that they are licenced

The very first thing to do when considering any plumber in Auckland is to check that they are licenced. In Queensland, there are various plumbing and drainer licences available including a Plumber and Drainer licence, a Plumber licence, a Drainer licence, a Restricted Water Plumber licence and a Restricted Drainer licence. You can find out more about these licences here.

Some plumbers in Auckland, such as iSpecialise, also provide gas fitting services, which require a separate Gas Fitting licence. You must hire a plumber that has both a plumbing and gas fitting licence if you need both services. You can look up a tradesperson’s licence at If you do, you will see that iSpecialise fully licenced to provide both plumbing and gas fitting services (see here).  A list of all our licences is below:

  • Nominee Supervisors Licence 1296495 (QBCC)
  • Contractor Licence 15057935 (QBCC)
  • Plumbing Occupational Licence 28686 (QBCC)
  • Gas Work Licence L90633 (QLD Gov.)

Check that they are reputable

My second tip for hiring a plumber in Auckland is to ensure they are reputable; this is very important. It’s one thing to have a licence, but if they don’t display professionalism, are not honest, or reliable, then they’re one plumber you want to steer clear of.

At iSpecialise, our reputation is everything. You need only look at our reviews and ratings on Facebook and Google My Business to see we value our customers. We hold a 5-star, which is a true testament to our reputation.

We are also members of The Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland (MPAQ).

Check their experience

When hiring a plumber in Auckland, you also want to check their experience. How long have they been in business? Are have they had prior experience in the services you require? This can be the difference between a smooth and disastrous experience.

Check that they are affordable

My final tip for hiring a plumber in Auckland is to make sure they are affordable. You want to find a plumber that you can trust is charging you fairly and not ripping you off. Ask for an up-front fixed-price quote for the service, and think twice about hiring them if you cannot provide this.

At iSpecialise, we use Flat Rate Now software which enables us to provide customers with a fixed, up-front quote on all services.


Now, more than ever before, we need life to throw us a bone, which is why, when hiring a plumber in Auckland, you need trust that you’ve made the right decision.

To help you hire a plumber in Auckland, follow these tips: check their licencing and reputation, make sure they’re experienced, and ensure they’re affordable.

If you need a plumber in Auckland, please consider giving us a call. We are only too aware of the added stress people are under at the moment. By guaranteeing affordable and reliable plumbing services, we hope to at least relieve some of the stress by solving your plumbing issues.

Call our friendly staff today on  09-2322 895 to discuss your needs and to get a fixed price quote.

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