Excess Water Usage

Excess Water Usage

Excess Water Usage

Have you had an excess water usage notice come recently in the mail? Here’s a few tests you can do yourself to ensure you have no leaks. 

If you’ve recently received an excess water notice from your local council like the one below, you may be wondering if you have a leak? Save yourself some money, before you go calling out a plumber here’s a few little tests you can do yourself.

1- Check the property for any dripping taps including hose taps.

2- Check your relief lines are not running on your hot water service

3- Check that you don’t have a leaky toilet, and water is not running from the cistern into the pan

4- If everything is in good working order then take a water meter reading before you go to bed or work. Make sure nothing gets turned on or no toilets get flushed during this test period. Once you wake up or return from work, take another reading. If the meter hasn’t moved then good news, you don’t have a leak. If it has moved, and all your other tests check out, call a plumber.

iSpecialise have leak detection services available. Contact us if you would like more information. 07 562 7 0792

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