How Does Water Leak Detection Work?

How Does Water Leak Detection Work?

A water leak can be anything from annoying to destructive. While, in most cases, a water leak doesn’t present quite the emergency of a gas leak, it should be attended to as soon as it is learnt of or suspected.

Water leaks can occur for several reasons. They can occur due to faulty plumbing, cracked or damaged pipes, or failed connections, to name a few. Regardless of the cause of a leak, any leak has the potential to cause damage to a home, which is the most significant issues they bring. If the leak is within the mains water supply line, it may also cause an increased water bill.

iSpecailise is your leak detection specialist. We’re the team to call when you have a water leak in Auckland, we’re the team who has all the hi-tech equipment to locate your leak without turning your ground into a minefield.

Today, we’d like to share with you how we detect water leaks without having to dig up your entire yard or tear down your walls to locate the leak. But before we do that, let’s look at the signs you need to look out for to know if you have a possible water leak.

Signs You Have a Water Leaks

Water leaks are not always apparent. Seldom do they present themselves as a pooling of water or puddle around your home. However, of course, this is the most obvious sign of a water leak in Auckland.

You may also have a water leak in Auckland if you notice a sudden drop in water pressure through your taps and shower. Other tell-tails signs of a water leak are a sudden spike in your water bill, and obvious watermarks inside your home on the floor or walls.

How Water Leak Detection Works

Leak detection can work in several ways depending on the assumed leak location.

In most cases, an Acoustic Leak Detector is the best equipment to use for leak detection. This is because water creates a specific high to low-frequency noise when passing through a broken or burst pipe, and an Acoustic Leak Detector can pick up this noise.

At iSpecialise, we use the Sewerin Aquaphon A150 Acoustic Leak Detector. The Sewerin Aquaphon A150 Acoustic Leak Detector features an electronic monitor, an acoustic listening stick, a microphone and headphones. The microphone is attached to the listening stick (rod), which listens to frequencies underground. The frequency response is sent to the electronic monitor (receiver), which signifies if the received frequency is that of a water leak.

Advantages of Acoustic Leak Detection

Other leak detection methods in Auckland include CCTV camera inspection, Hydrostatic Pressure Test, Slab Leak Detection, Static Leak Isolation, and Electronic Listening Devices. However, an Acoustic Leak Detector is the most modern and advanced of all leak detection methods and tools. They pinpoint the exact location of the leak without causing any unnecessary digging,

By choosing a team that uses Acoustic Leak Detection equipment, you, as a homeowner, will save yourself a lot of time and money. It will eliminate the need to dig up half your yard or, worse, concrete slabs to locate the leak and allows you to find the source of the leak immediately. Moreover, Acoustic Leak Detectors are incredibly accurate, and the service itself is very affordable. Certainly a fraction of the cost of having to repair your yard or slabs!


A water leak is never a good thing. They can be costly, damaging, and very hard to locate, which is why leak detection is such as art. Leaks give off low and high frequency sounds that can be pick up by an autistic leak detector. Sounds come in the microphone, up the rod and into the receiver for the operator to analyse and identify.

If you suspect you have a water leak, the first thing you need to do is turn off the water supply. You can find out the next steps by reading ‘Help, I think I have a Leak! What Do I Do?’. You can then give iSpecailise a call so we can come with our specialise leak detection equipment and locate your leak in a jiffy. We also have the skills to repair the leak while we’re there.

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