What’s a Gas Fitter & Do I need One?

What’s a Gas Fitter & Do I need One?

If you’re building, renovating or have a problem with an appliance, knowing which tradesperson to call can often be confusing. Do I need an electrician, a plumber or a gas fitter?

We understand where the confusion stems from; some plumbers, such as myself, are also gas fitters, others are only plumbers, and likewise with electricians. The problem is, a standard plumber or electrician isn’t a gas fitter. You need to have a special gas work licence to be qualified to carry out fas work.

In an effort to alleviate some of the confusion around gas fitters, I thought I’d put together this article to define what a gas fitter is and the instances in which you would need one.

What is a Gas Fitter?

As the name suggests, a gas fitter is someone who fits gas, but they are so much more than that. The duties of a gas fitter in Auckland, or anywhere for that matter include the likes of; installing gas pipes, gas appliances, gas detection and pressure regulating systems, and gas appliance flues. They also test and repair gas appliances and provide customers with advice on maintaining and operating gas appliances, and can install gas to boats and caravans in addition to residential gas needs.

How does a Gas Fitter differ from a Plumber?

By definition, a gas fitter carries out no plumbing duties. However, the confusion stems from plumbing companies like iSpecialise, who are qualified plumbers and qualified gas fitters. In such cases, the tradesperson needs to hold both a gas work licence and a plumbing and drainage licence.

A plumber is not legally permitted to carry out any gas work unless they also hold a plumbing and drainage licence, which at iSpecialise, they do.

Why Do I Need a Gas Fitter?

The fact is, you may not need a gas fitter at all. They are not a required trade like an electrician or plumber is. Only homes that rely on gas to function; whether it’s a gas stove or oven or a gas hot water system, needs the skills of a Auckland gas fitter -first install a gas line to the property and then the gas appliances.

That said, there are many benefits to switching from electricity to gas, for both cooking and water heating. I will touch on this subject in more detail in weeks to come, but in short, switching to natural gas will reduce your bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and in the kitchen, provide you with instant heat (which is why it is the preferred choice by restaurants and professional chefs).

How Can I use Gas at Home?

When we think of gas for home use, the first thing that comes to mind is a BBQ. Am I right? Well, we all know how annoying it is to be entertaining friends and mid-way through cooking your snags, you run out of gas. Having to go to the servo and top up your gas bottle is super-inconvenient and also pretty embarrassing. With gas at home, you’ll never run out of gas cooking a BBQ again.

Another typical gas installation is, of course, a gas cooktop and oven. If you’re a foodie or think yourself as a bit of a Master Chef, then you need to be cooking with gas.

Did you also know that you can use gas for your hot water supply? Gas hot water systems are available in various types, namely, gas storage water heaters and gas continuous flow water heaters. They offer many benefits over electrical hot water systems, including the fact that they are cheaper, provide longer-lasting hot water,  and that they heat water more quickly.


A Gas fitter is a qualified tradesperson who holds a gas work licence. This enables them to carry out any gas related duty including installation of gas lines and appliances, as we as repairs and maintenance.

A Gas fitter is different from a plumber. A plumber can only carry out gas work if they hold both a gas work licence and plumbing and draining licence. Although gas fitters are only required in homes that use gas, there are many benefits to making the switch from electricity to gas; particularly for cooking and water heating.

If you need gas appliances installed, suspect you have a gas leak, or would like to switch from electricity to gas, give the fully-qualified team at iSpecialise a call on 09-2322 895.


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