How Much Does a Drain Unblocker Cost in 2021

How Much Does a Drain Unblocker Cost in 2021

Plumbing problems are never pleasant; however, some are bothersome and worrisome than others. At the top of the list of plumbing problems people would most like to avoid are those related to blocked drains. Blocked drain related plumbing issues account for more than 50% of all plumbing problems we face here at iSpecailise, and in most cases, drain unblocking requires urgent attention.

The cost for a drain unblocker will vary depending on the type of drain and the location of the blockage. For example, a simple blocked kitchen sink will be much cheaper for a drain unblocker to clear than a blocked sewer, which is concealed underground. The urgency of repair will likely also contribute to how much a drain unblocker will cost, as too will the drain unblockers experience.

As one of the leading drain unblockers in East Auckland, South Auckland and Waikato, we are only too familiar with all types of blocked drains. Thus, when residents need drain unblocking, we’re often the team they call. We’re also very familiar with the costs associated with drain unblocking in East Auckland, South Auckland and Waikato.

Today we will provide you with a thorough examination on drain unblocking so you know who to call when your drains block up and what you can expect to pay for various drain unlocking services.

Who can unblock my drains?

While your first instinct may be to call a general residential plumber in East Auckland, South Auckland or Waikato for blocked drains, this may not be the best option for a fast and affordable solution.

While any good plumber *should* be equipped to unblock any blocked drain in East Auckland, South Auckland and Waikato, many can’t. Sure, they will be able to unblock a kitchen sink, toilet, or basin drain. However, the more complex blocked drains, those that are more bothersome and worrisome, such as underground and concealed blockages, require expert drain unblockers with specialist drain unblocking equipment. iSpeicalise is one such specialist.

The difference between turning to a specialist drain unblocker with specialist drain unblocking equipment for more complex blocked drains and a standard plumber can be significant.

  • Drain unblockers have experience in blocked drains and will be able to swiftly speculate the cause of the issue. Plumbers may have to do a lot of guessing and problem-solving before coming to the correct prognosis.
  • Drain unblockers can use their specialist drain unblocking equipment to identify the exact location of the blockage, preventing unnecessary property damage. Plumbers may have to break plasterboard or dig up your yard without really knowing the exact location of the blockage
  • Drain unblockers can also use their specialist drain unblocking equipment to clear the most stubborn blockages, avoiding the need to infiltrate pipes. On the other hand, Plumbers don’t have the equipment needed to flush out blockages and resort to cutting the pipe to clear it free of obstruction.
  • Drain unblockers get in there and get the drain cleared fast and effectively. Plumbers will eventually get it cleared, but it will take longer, costing you more money.
  • Drain unblockers can provide a CCTV inspection after clearing the blockage to ensure all obstructions are cleared from the entire drain. Plumbers are unlikely to provide such a service. Thus, they cannot guarantee another backup in the near future.

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How to find the right drain unblocker?

The key to getting your drains unblocked fast and, therefore, availing of a cheaper service is finding a drain unblocker who has the experience and equipment to conquer any blockage they face.

When looking for a drain unblocker in East Auckland, South Auckland, and Waikato, look for one equipped to take on the type of blockage you’re facing. As mentioned above, a specialist drain unblocker has specialist drain unblocking equipment for more complex blocked drains.

Also, ensure they are fully licenced drainlayers. A Drainlayers Licensed isn’t required to clear a blockage, as this is not classed as drainlaying. However, if it’s a severe blockage that requires any external drain to be opened up, reconstructed, or repaired, they will need to hold a Drainlayers Licensed. You don’t want to have to call out a second tradie to fix the blockage (at possible further costs) if the first is not properly licenced to do so.

Only licensed plumbers can repair or replace waste pipes inside your home. They need to hold a Drainlayers Licensed to be allowed to lay, repair, reconstruct, and open up drains underground or outside your home.

In addition to being fully licensed, ensure they hold Public Liability insurance, have glowing references and provide you will an up-front cost, or at least an up-front estimation for your drain unblocking.

iSpecialise are fully licensed plumbers and drainlayers, fully insured, and always provide an up-front quote for drain unblocking costs, which many drain unblocker in East Auckland, South Auckland, and Waikato won’t do.

Save yourself the hassle and cost of hiring an inexperienced or unequipped drain unblocker by giving us a call today. Phone 09-2322 895 for a free quote.

How do drain unblockers clear blocked drains?

There are many ways to clear a blocked drain, which is best will be determined by the type of blockage. Below are a few examples of how drain unlockers clear blocked drains.

  • Blocked Sewers: A blocked sewer is the worst type of blocked drain and requires the urgent attention of a specialist drain unblocker. To clear a blocked sewer, you first need to pinpoint the location of the blockage. A drain locator is used to identify the location of underground pipes to prevent any unnecessary digging and guesswork. Once the drain is located, a high-pressure jetter is used to dislodge the obstruction. A jetter produces an astonishing 5075 psi (a standard garden hose is 60 psi) and can clear just about all blockages. If the jetter cannot dislodge the obstruction, a CCTV camera is used, which goes down the sewer via the manhole or in your homes sewer connection to pinpoint the obstruction’s location. The drain will need to be cleared manually by opening the drain at the obstruction location, removing the blockage, and then repairing the drain.
  • Blocked stormwater pipe: A blocked stormwater pipe is a common blockage that can cause significant property damage if left unattended. The process of unlocking a stormwater drain is much the same as unblocking a sewer. The drains are first located using a drain locator; then the drains are flushed with a high-power 5000 psi hydro jetter. Unless the drains suffer damage from tree root intrusion or damage, the jetter will usually be able to clear a stormwater pipe. If not, a CCTV inspection is performed to locate the source of the blockage and manual repair is then performed.
  • Blocked mains water supply: A blocked mains water supply is usually the result of mineral deposits (dirt) or scale infiltrating the waterline. If this is the case, it can usually be cleared by being flushed. However, if the water pipes are fold Galvanised steel pipes, then they may have a buildup of rust or corrosion and will need to be replaced.
  • Blocked internal drain (kitchen sink, basin, shower drain etc.): A blocked internal drain, such as a kitchen sink, basin, shower drain, are the most common and are also the easiest to clear. In most cases, they can be cleared without needing a plumber or specialist drain unclogger. The first method is to use a plunger to clear the drain forcibly. If that fails, try one of these methods suggested in our blog post ‘Tips for clearing a blocked drain’. We’ve also written a handy article on tips to prevent a blocked drain.

The cost of hiring a drain unblocker

The question everyone in East Auckland, South Auckland, and Waikato wants to know is – how much does a drain unblocker cost?

There is no one set cost for drain unblocking because there are many types of drains that can become blocked and various unblocking methods. However, we can give you our prices, which will serve as a good indication as to what you should expect to pay for a drain unblocker in East Auckland, South Auckland, and Waikato, which are the regions we service.

  • The cost to clear a blocked drain starts at $85.
  • The cost to clear a blocked drain using a high-pressure hydro jetter is $250 for the first hour, $40 per ¼ hour after that
  • The cost of a CCTV camera inspection to locate a blockage is $200 or an additional $100 whilst onsite using the hydro jetter.

Additional factors that may affect the cost of hiring a drain unblocker in East Auckland, South Auckland and Waikato may include your location and the urgency of the service.

If you would like a quote for your drain unblocking in East Auckland, South Auckland, or Waikato, pick up the phone and give iSpecialise a call on 09-2322 895.

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