Reasons to Make iSpecalise Your Auckland Plumber

Reasons to Make iSpecalise Your Auckland Plumber

It goes without saying; there’s no shortage of Auckland Plumbers. As with any other trade, there are plenty of Auckland plumbing companies, all servicing the same area, all flighting for your business. So, that begs the question, how do you know which Auckland plumber to choose? Which one stands out from the rest? Which should you choose to help you in your plumbing time of need?

There are various ways to go about choosing an Auckland plumber. Some of the most common options include turning to Google, asking a friend or family member for a recommendation, and calling a few plumbing companies directly and asking them about their services. We covered in detail in our article ‘How To Find a Reliable Plumber in Auckland‘.  However, if you’re like me and don’t have the time to research a bunch of services providers to make a decision, then you’ll love this article.

Today, we’re going to save you the time and hassle of Googling, contacting friends and family, and a bunch of Auckland plumbers to cut to the chase and tell you why you should choose iSpecialise.

So, without further ado, let me share with you all the many reasons to make iSpecialise your Auckland plumber of choice.

We Are Licensed

Plumbers in Auckland must hold a current plumbing and drainage licence before performing any plumbing work. These licences safeguard the public by ensuring that only competent persons perform plumbing and drainage work.

It is vital to realise that there are numerous different licences and that each type authorises the plumber to perform certain types of plumbing, drainage, or gas work. Therefore, any plumber who performs gas work must also be licenced to do so.

iSpecialise is fortunate to be one of the few plumbing companies in Auckland with fully licenced plumbers and gas fitters on staff. As a result, we can attend to gas emergencies in addition to plumbing crises.

Our dual licensure is especially beneficial if you are experiencing an emergency and are unclear whether to call a plumber or a gas fitter. If you contact the incorrect tradesperson in an emergency, you risk wasting important time and maybe incurring a day’s delay in addressing the matter!

We Are Insured

A qualified plumber takes every effort to ensure that they resolve issues rather than create new ones.

Nonetheless, accidents may occur at any time, which is why it is important to deal solely with an insured Aukland plumber, such as iSpecialise.

We carry comprehensive general liability and workman’s compensation insurance. This insurance protects our team from dealing with plumbing issues and also insures your house.

We Use Specialised Equipment and Technology

There is a significant difference between a typical plumber and an iSpecialise plumber. We chose the name iSpecialise for a purpose; we employ specialised equipment to provide the highest quality repairs in the shortest time possible.

Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to examine wastewater pipes and sewer connections to locate and remove blockages without digging or causing damage to your house. We can view drains with our CCTV camera and conduct a complete drain inspection. This enables us to analyse the problem and determine whether it is a simple obstruction or something more serious, such as a broken pipe. In addition, we have specialised leak detection equipment, including acoustic leak detectors, gas sniffers, and thermal imaging cameras to locate the most minute leak with pinpoint accuracy.

We charge no extra for the use of our equipment because we believe in providing the very best service, and this is only done by using the right tools.

We Are an Established Auckland Plumbing Company

Never underestimate the power of experience in plumbing – it may very well save you a lot of money and time. iSpecialise is an established Auckland plumbing company with more than ten years of combined experience behind us.

Although every company starts somewhere, plumbing can get complicated, and your home’s condition may be at stake. So, it’s not worth the risks of choosing a less experienced team that will learn from their mistakes in your property or home.

iSpecialise has the experience to assure results and minimise property damage.

We Provide Upfront Quotes and Transparent Pricing

We recognise that before receiving an invoice, our customers want to know the cost of our plumbing services. As a result, on all plumbing services, we provide free, upfront quotations with clear pricing. However, if we cannot offer a precise amount due to the nature of your problem, we’ll provide an estimate and try our best to stick to it, always keeping you informed of any price changes before proceeding.

Hiring a provider that does not provide upfront quotations may annoy you since you may wind up paying more than you anticipated. Only deal with iSpecialise, an Auckland plumbing company that is completely honest about our rates and prices.

We offer a Quality Service

There are often two ways to go about plumbing repairs; the cheap way and the right way. We’re not in the business of providing subpar repairs to ensure you have to call us out again in 12-month’s time when your tap or toilet breaks again. We believe in providing a quality service that lasts the test of time.

iSpecialise offer a satisfaction guarantee for all our Auckland plumbing services and use only quality parts for repairs.

We Have a Great Team

iSpecialise isn’t your normal plumbing company; we’re a family-owned company with a strong commitment to high-quality work and excellent customer service. Our team-oriented culture is critical to our long-term viability and success. And we back it up with any appropriate knowledge and training. As a company, we really believe that the best customer experience is created by the finest team atmosphere. Excellent outcomes and satisfied employees are the consequence of our hard effort and good teamwork.

We value your input as we work to improve the service we give our clients, and your interactions with our team will enable us to improve. Please contact our team with any comments, recommendations, or criticism on how we have served you and, more importantly, how we might better meet your requirements at any time.

We Have Excellent References & Online Reviews

Nothing provides reassurance and peace of mind like genuine reviews from real customers. We understand this more than many other Auckland plumbers, so we strive to achieve the highest level of standards with every job. And, our quality service shines through in our excellent references and online reviews.

We have a 5-star rating on Google and Facebook from happy customers that have nothing but positive things to say. We highly recommend you take a look at our reviews on Google and Facebook.


Numerous Auckland plumbers provide general and specialised services such as clearing blocked drains and leak detection. However, most Auckland plumbers lack the knowledge and equipment to quickly resolve the issue without causing extensive damage to your house. But iSpecialise does.

iSpecialise checks all the criteria. We service East Auckland and South Auckland regions, have four plumbers on staff to fulfil demand and use cutting-edge technology to solve problems swiftly and efficiently.

iSpecialise are local Auckland plumbers with ten years of expertise and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We recognise the value of a positive Google or Facebook review. So we want to provide a service that makes you want to spend 5 minutes out of your day to tell other Aucklanders about our amazing service.

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